Lynx (Army)

• Anti-tank • Tactical transport • Gulf War veteran

Подпись: ▲ Although built in reasonably modest numbers for the British Army, the Army Lynn has become an mvatuabk> Army Air Corps asset in the battlofleld transport and anti-tank rotes.Lynx (Army)

Westland and Aerospatiale

produced the Lynx, together with the Puma and Gazelle, under the Anglo-French helicopter agreement of 1967. The first of 13 prototypes flew in March 1971, and subsequent production includes both army and navy versions. Unlike its naval counterpart, the Army Lynx has not attracted export orders, but it has beon developed into the British Army’s main battlefield helicopter.

Подпись: Lynx in yellow ► XW835 was the first Lynx prototype and was known as tho WG. 13. It later became G-BEAD tor tests with two Pratt & Whitney PT6B-34 turboshafts. These engines made tho helicopter undorpowored. Lynx (Army)Lynx (Army)
A Humanitarian Lynx

Britain’s army, hko many European forces, has dedicated a number of aircraft to United Nations’ support missions.

▼ Looking tor exports

Lynx 3 was a bold attempt by Westland to wm export orders and was marketed soveral times.

A TOW attack

Using natural cover as its only defence, a Lynx AH. Mk t unleashes a TOW missile at an unsuspecting tank. The missile’s guide wires can lust bo soon at the mouth of the launch tube


> Westland planned to build 16 WG.13 prototypes because It considered the programme so technically demanding.

> Modified Scout holicoptors were used to test the Lynx’s main rotor system.

> An Army Lynx was rolled out publicly for the first time at Farnborough In 1972.

► During 1977 the Army Air Corps recoivod its first production Lynx; the aircraft bccamo operational in 1978.

► Lynx AH. Mk 1s wore converted to AH. Mk 7 standard by the Royal Navy.

► Soveral fcaturos of the Lynx 3 were incorporated into tho AH. Mk 9.

Подпись: Claws of the Army Air Corps

Lynx (Army)Подпись:Подпись: LYNX AH.MK 1Подпись:

Designated ЛІІ. Мк I, tlur first Anny Lynxes wva* delivered in l‘>7~ lliey и mid carry nine trou|>>. глеч 1350 kg і. З.ООО lb.) of external cargo or eight TOW fTtilx– bundled. Optically-tracked. W’in– guidtxl) missiles, aimed using.1 sight on tlie і. d tin tool More powerful Oem il engines weir introduced in the ЛІІ. Мк in jddiiHin 10 impronxl avionics. iikI a nx»e power! ul tail rotor. This enabled tlx? helicopter to remain m the hover when

carrying tile heavy loads involved in anttaimicNir operations.

Hie final Army Ліг Corps version was die – ARM к 9, which has w heels instead of skids and <UIfusers to reduce 1 Ik* mfr. i-пчі signature of tlie exltaust. Ii serves with tin – two sqtiadnMVs formed to мі{цх»п the rapid intervention 2nit Armoured Brigade*.

< )ne-o4l experimental anti trials versions of the Army l. vnx include a lly-lty wire conversion Of an ЛІІ. Мк 7 and a single ЛН. Мк 5X wnli (iem il engines

Above: Currently, the Lynx AH. Mk 9 has no TOW compatibility. II funding permits this could bo added later, but the capability seems irrelevant following tho recent purchase of the AAC Apache.

A few other Al l Mk 5s were built, and although most were completed as All Mk “s. one of the tk*vclo|>ment aircraft was useil for mglil-llying trials using a helmet-mounted display*.



Lynx (Army)

Up to nne sorters court be свгтіЕгі n the mart, m of Р» AH Mk і. or ax with fK combat equprnent A common transport rrtsson lor the Lynx « the forward movement and швелоп of Men-anred anti tank teams


Westland rttrpduced a sernmgirl mam rotor noad on the Lyrw lbs system vwb tar less nuky and cornpiex than pie-nous systems. arvl it improved pe-frymance and handing ugnifcancy


British Aerospace, under bconco from Hughes, bud the Lynx tool’thou-rite! it. Лм-я ігшчбкі

mnyrmolnp to


The i’ll Mk 1 featured a counter-clockwise-rourng lid rotor On Iho u|>;y, tiled AH. Mk 7 it has been replaced by a more powerful ckxkwr&e >otiitng unit medo from compoetn malntia». when gives hotter control n the hover


Л *j«i ir«x«a»nagn nlows the hotcoptor to operate from a variety ot r. xtacen without ttvp •tsk of smtang «to soft ground


Hughes manutacturod tho tOWnussics wficfi am »k! lynx’s рппорої ant – tank armomryil OpJcrvi woopona mckidu air to-л» ттаел a’kt gun nr rocket pods


Lynx (Army)

В GAZELLE: Co-produced with Aerospatiale, tho Gazelle took over the battletield observation rolo from tho Scout


В SCOUT: Also built as the ruval Wasp, the Scout was the AAC’s primary observation and attack helicopter before the Lynx and Gazelle


Lynx (Army)Lynx (Army)Lynx (Army)


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