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To a pilot downed deep behind enemy linos, the lumbering shape of the MH-53J Pave Low III is a welcome sight. This roscue helicopter was developed following experiences in Vietnam and played a vital role in the Gulf War, ranging into enemy territory and snatching aircrews from the hans of the Iraqis. The Pave Low is also usod by the US Special Forces, but how they deploy the helicopter remains secret.

Подпись: ▼ Gulf veteran Desert Storm proved that the helicopter could undertake high-nsk covert operations behind enemy lines and survive. MH-53J


A Missile defense

Sophisticated jamming devices are located on either side of the MH-S3J. Those prevent any SAMs from locking on and destroying the helicopter.

Подпись:MH-53JПодпись:A Sting in the tail

The rear-loadmg ramp is retained from earlier models. For combat rescue operations, a rearwards-fmng machine gun is mounted on the ramp, allowing the helicopter’s crew to cover their exit from a landing zone.


► The Pave Low is equipped with a multi – mode radar for terrain-following and FLR for night operations.

>• Titanium armor plating is used to protect the engines and fuel tanks.

► Pave Low is the largest and most powerful helicopter used by tho USAF.

► Special Operations Forces who uso the Pave Low includo tho SEALS, tho Delta Forco and US Army Rangers.

► Pave Lows were used on the very first mission of the Gulf War.

► If funding is available, the V-22 Osprey will replace the Pave Low In service.


Down in Iraq



Gechng from the Tomcat, the RfO was quickly captured, whie the pifol managed to escape and hide. Prior to the rescue, A-10s strafed on advancing Iraqi army lorry


3THE PICK-UP: Fty. r>3 m at tow altitude rn daylight, fho Pave Low guictoy landed and sent a crew membor to collecl the pilot Allhough under fire from Iraqi troop», tho crew completed its mission successfully.




1 PROWLER ESCORT: on 21 January.

1991, a Tomcat from VF-103 ‘Sluggers’ squadron was asvgnod to provido escort for a group of Grumman Prowlers. Dunng the mission, the Tomcat was hit by an SA-Tt^ilifaceto-air missito.







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