S-76 Spirit

• Mulli-role helicopter • Army scout • Passenger transport

Подпись:Подпись: A With the worldwideS-76 SpiritOne of the family of highly successful Sikorsky rotorcraft of recent times, the S-76 is the first type since tho S-62 designed by the company purely for the civil market. The main customer area was seen to be the offshore oil support industry, with the S-76 offering 12 passenger seats in standard form with IFR equipment and other navigational aids for all-weather operation. Among the ‘optional extras* are long-range fuel tanks and air-conditioning.

◄ New York bird

S-76 SpiritThis HOh Union S-76C is powered by Turbomoca Arnol turboshafts. The S-76C first flow in 1990. and has also been sold to the Spanish air force.

A Screaming Eagle

Armod with rocket pods or guns, the S-76 was offered on the military market as tho ‘Eagle’. But it had to compoto with the successful Agusta A 109.

S-76 SpiritA Passenger comfort

Compared to the A 109 and Bell Model 222. the S-76 was a much roomier machine, and the executive version could carry eight people in luxury.

▼ Spirit in action

Подпись: A Sikorsky at sea Operating from oil platforms was an important source of business for the S-76. with companies like Bond Helicopters m Scotland. Sikorsky had already cornered much of the market with tho larger Sikorsky S-61 scries helicopter.

Known as the ‘Spirit’ fo civil operators, the S-76 soon demonstrated impressive performance compared to its smaller rivals.


► When configured for full day and night, nll-woathor offshore flying, tho S-76 generally carries up to 12 passengers.

>• Sikorsky sold 428 S-76s to customers in Canada. Mexico, the UK and the US.

► A harmonic control system tested on an S-76 reduced vibration by 90 per cent.


>■ The S-76 Shadow hod a noso radar housing and fly-by-wire controls grafted onto the front section.

>■ Tho S-76B is operated In China, Germany, Japan. Korea and tho Motherlands.

► The first S-76 prototypes flew In 1977 and deliveries began in 1979.

S-76 Spirit

S-76 Spirit

Type: modum-capacity he-:-copter

Powerplant: two Alison 250-C30 turboshah engines each rated at 484.7-kW (649-hp)

Maximum speed: 289 km/h (180 m о h 1 Normal cruising speed: 269 *nvh (167 m. p.h, j Range: 1100 Km (683 mi)

Service ceiling: 15S5 m (5.100 ft)

Weights: empty 2241 Kg (4.940 lb ), loaded 4-100 Kg <9.700 lb,), такігтжті tako-otf weight 5171 Kg (11.400 lb)

Dimensions: role# diameter 13.41 m (44 ft,)

length 16 m (52 ft. 6 in.)

height 4 41 m (14 ft. 5 In.)


record of one hour Iі» minutes at a speed of І~ІГs km h (l“i m p. b ) This bettered the prev ious record by sonic 26 minutes. On the return top. the Spirit clipjietl another four minutes off its ow n record Sikorsky s development programme’ їхнє further frail in 1985 when, on 2 I June, it flew the tirsi privately-funded S-76 Shadow This acronym stood for Sikorsky Helicopter dv. uucd Demonstrator of Operator Wuiklo. ul


Above; This ‘fantail’ variant was fitted with a fenestron-type tail rotor In trials for the Light Helicopter Experimental programme.


Lett: With the space to accommodate a high standard of luxury features, the S-76 offered the uttimato In executive transport with its low-noise interior and high speed.


S-76 Spirit

To inouco vnwaton. me S-7B nan ЫВпг vbrnton аілсгіх*» above tho rotcr hood.

The txvJos lotnte on eUutomarx: onanngs, with darrpmg provided by hydraulic drag diimonre


The to* «Мог s a conventnns fix/- btnetod typo mounted on the pod side


Power «5 transferred from tf«e engnes to the tail rotor and тло rotor through n gecrlxa. when also d-rves the twri r-r, o>nute pumpe and?<X)A DC generators T)«e engrai have on automatic fit*» dotoclnn and аижгазасп – плЕмг


S 76s are titled with a tXJh standard of cockpit controe. лап instrument fight niea cquomerrt «tod and opoons FRS. ir«J weather radar


A baggage hota я located aft ot tho cabin with an «Петы door on «och ame ot the lueovigo Thn tail rotor was recenfiguroe m she S-768 to toducu woght


Tho mam undercarriage retmefs imdo» hydrautc power nto the fusdogo to reduoe drag. The whon< brakes ага also hydrautaaffy poworod


Tre fuselage contans топу connote and txx^ccmu structural’ components to educe wegm


The mom cacm can accommodate 12 or 13 passengers ю or. economy-type Muting arrangement or can bo configured *» a •ouMwof %ing o«ce arrangement wth nddfional sounaproofng




S-76 Spirit
S-76 Spirit

■ RESCUE MISSION: Tho S-76 in used by

the Government Air Service *i Hong Kong as a search and rescue aircraft in the dangerous waters of the South China Sea.


Я SHADOW: A technology demonstrator for advanced cockpit instrumentation layout», tho Shadow paved the way for the advanced Boeuig-SAoreky LHX hetcopter


S-76 Spirit

S-76 SpiritS-76 SpiritS-76 SpiritS-76 SpiritS-76 SpiritS-76 Spirit


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