• Heavy-lifter • Minesweeper • Three-engined variant of CH-53

Worldwide* attention was focused on the US Marine CH-53E when helicopters from the assault ship Koarsarge landed a TRAP (Tactical Recovery of Aircrew Personnel) team to rescue an American pilot in Bosnia in 1995. Second-generation Sikorsky S-80s differ from the earlier S-65s in having three engines, expanded capacity and improved performance. They undertake heavy-lifting, roscue and minesweoping duties.

▼ US Navy CH-53ES

Подпись:S-80/CH-/MH-53EThe Navy’s interest m tho Sea Stallion was as a supply helicopter tor use between shore bases and naval vossels. Three Navy squadrons operate the CH-S3E.



◄ Minehunter

A cable with a tension of up to 13 tonnes is used to tow a hydrofoil sled, which skims through tho water socking out mines.

This device hs too largo to bo stowed aboard tho helicopter.

▼ Refuelling in the air

An important teaturo of many H-53ES is their ability to refuel in tho air. greatly enhancing their flexibility. The US Marine Corps use КС-130 Hercules aircraft tor the air-to-air tanker role.


>■ Overall production of tho US Marino Сотру and Navy Supor Stallions Is projoctod to reach 177 aircraft, MH-53Es about 50.

► The first S-80/CH-53E was a tost aircraft and mndo Its first flight on 1 March 1074.

> Tho H-53 family contains tho most poworlul helicopters used by US forces.


► The first MH-53E mlncsweopor. which flow In 1983, was not fitted with large sponsons; deliveries began In 1986.

► The first prototypo of this senes was tragically lost in и ground mishap.

► A CH-53E can lift 18 tonnes – 6 tonnos more thnn tho twin-rotor CH-47 Chinook.


CH-53E Super Stallion

Type: ihree-engined heavy-Uft assaed and мигах» Nricoptor

Poworplant: throw 2756-kW (3.695-np. i (соппглюиз ratxigl General Electric T64-GE-416 ■ngoo*

Manimum speed: 315 knvh (190 m ph.) clean

Ferry range: 2075 km (1.289 mi.)

Service ceiling: 5640 m 118.504 ft)

Weights: empty 15072 kg (33.228 «>.): maximum take-off 31 WO kg (69.754 id.) with internal load or 33340 kg <73.502 lb) with external «oad

Accommodation: two night crew and up to 55 troops or 13607 kg (30.000 lb) of cargo •Метану

Dimensions: man rotor diameter 24 08 m (79 ft) length 30.19 m (99 ft.)

height 8.97 m (29 ft. 5 Inj

rotor disc area 455.38 nv (4.901 sq. h )


Roar-view тягота игр ueod by uio crew го moneor vv magnetic mmtewvop»*) towed behind the telicop!*. Ar riftgrtf – refmrtng Ccorr « also Mwd U> the nose jar moose S-90M – ts bck this torture


The mam externa/ features of tho MH-S3E are readily apparent: the seven-blade rotor, larger sponsons. a third engine and redesigned tail assembly.


f he ta; of th© И 63£ « unus-cif, canted to oort and has a targe, kxx biada rote» To oflsel ttw the taTpiare nos a gut1 ліпд ooofiguraton


To abrorb tno oo-vur of rr* Ihtd enqino. В» H-53E ho# un «itrs Ыно» со л# mein w«, Us (bonwu* and Wade dwil or* obo increased







ihe ksy toatire <A Pw H-53E e tne tred General Bectnc TW turoesha*» engne when has been acccmmodaled wrth comparatAefy lute change 😮 гчг base H-53 airframe. TqtM po«e output a close » To cour. atari of гло two – engned CH-53#


VH-Mbs rave a r-ghl crow of three and three Ю *ve «rusaxJ crew to ерепйв the rrvne fvjnting «jopmenl and man ihe two 12./-mm irach. ne-gun# used to ехокюе si/faced row»


CH-Mi WPfR ST4UI0H MJ-»KM0 2» ЬяГА |Ш as. b.l

СН-47ОСЖМ00К 2« knM (185 т.»Л.|



Tbs aircraft Carres я dork-grey version cf in* standard low vetotty markings now carried by US Navy heKopters


Dt «t SU«R 8ТАШ0И 2075 fjr 11,289 ol. I


Filled wth в 13800-kg (30.000-ki) tonuon tow Doom row a rtfXtaJc wmen with 140 metros (460 ft. l of cat*», tho MH-53Ecantow venous types Ot ALQ-166

mnesweeomg aied


Ml-» MUD ;ooo»m

11.20 ol.)


СИ-470 СММ00К 217» tm



Formerly eamoped with me RH-530, Ihe HM – ‘4 squadron la known as ine See Sidtorvi. is axr. rah carry a «aeon’s head cn the aponson


The i‘r’-arged ‘comers of the MH-bSE comae fuel. іампд eternal capecty (гот 383QMTOS to 12.100 !7«(1.0i7-3,l9Gq


Moorfiri mines а-в oetaciied ілгод an mierrvv poa aywem An AlQ – 100 acoustic CCxn. termoaort» system forms part of the aqnpment.



USMC helicopters past and present




SWI in use after 30 years, the CH-46 remains the mainstay of USMC transport aviation.


■ BELL AH-1 SEACOBRA: A twn-eogned development of the HueyCcbra. the SeaCoDra


мі » oud-

20000 k|
(44.082 lb. I


IBM! kf
(72,800 lb.)




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