234 Chinook

• Civil CH-47 variant • Oil exploration support • Limited production


Подпись: A The Model 234 Commercial Chinook was a civil version of the popular heavy-lift CH-47 Chinook military transport heUcoptor. It was built only in small numbers, however.234 Chinookepresenting the muscle among the Western world’s helicopter designs, the Chinook was seen as an ideal aircraft for companies specialising in construction, logging and petroleum exploration. Although the Chinook was designed for military use and is well-known for its US Army duty in Vietnam, this big, durable, rotary-wing craft can handle heavy cargoes and travel respectable distances making it ideal for commercial applications.

◄ Dual-role heavy litter

234 ChinookBooing Helicopters marketed the Commercial Chinook as an aircraft combining heavy-lift capabilities (nine tonnes internally or 12.7 tonnes externally) with a useful 44-seat passenger load.

234 Chinook◄ Prototype

The first military CH-47 Chinoob took to the гиг n 1961. tt was not until 19 August 1980 that this, the 234LR prototype, was first flown.

Подпись:Подпись:234 Chinook▼ Cold weather versatility

Alaska’s oldest and largest helicopter operator, ERA Helicopters, took delivery of a 234ER in 1985 to support oil exploration rigs in the Bering Sea.


► In all-passenger versions of the 234. a galloy and tollot are fitted. A passenger attendant can also be carried.

► The first Commercial Chinook made its maiden flight on 19 August 1980.

>• British Airways Helicopters accepted the first of its six 234s In December 1980.

>■ Columbia Helicopters reported the 234 ‘an excellent success’ in logging operations in mountainous areas.

► Model 234s carry external cargoes slur>9 from as many as four separate hooks.

► Boeing engineers claim that the Chinook fuselage will hold 180,000 golf balls.

Подпись: Oil rig logistics and ‘flying crane’ duties
Подпись: Model 234LR

Подпись:234 ChinookПодпись: in all passenger g^se. the Commercial Оwook's monor hew up to 44 soots, witri (UiX tanks titled n trie fuselage taxings. For uxtendod- nvxin SgMs. fucH tanks could also be kistated л the cubn, reducing рвмопд» accommodation. As a freighter. 9072 kg (20.000 lb.) oouid t» camod intcrrxtfy. white n a lying crane- rote, up to 1270! kg (28,000 b) coiAl be slung under me аиоаППодпись:234 Chinook


In I9"s, Boeing Helicopter Іч-gan development of the M<klel 234. a civil version of ihe famous Cl І Г Chilli к>к ltelicop! l‘i The (.’ommeivi. il Chinook was offered In all – рдкчепце». combined passenger – freight and all-cargo models, the first examples entering airline •ісл’іСс in Britain in 1981 These machine’ carried people and cargo In чи Scotland to offshon.* oil plaifonit’ in the North Sea Mi Kiel 234s were available in four versions, each configured for differing roles front
passenger tr. inspmt to Hying crane’ duties Principal differences centred on intcrioi linings and fuel cap. iclt) Production aircraft were of the 2.3 d It ‘Ijong Ksinge’ and 254KK ‘(extended Range’ variants, the latter having extra fuel tanks which boosted range hy more than 1500 km <930 miles).

Only a small шітіч-г wen* Ішіїї. ini’hiding six aircraft foi British Airways Helicopters and I hive for Helikoptei Service S, ol Norway, from the ntld-I9KO> five Survivors ill’ the ex-HAM

Above: British Ajrways Helicopters was tho first and largest Model 234 operator, taking delivery of six 234LRs dunng 1981 and 1982. They were finished in Ihe standard BA colour scheme of the day.

fleet were engaged in logging operations with Columbia Helicopters in Oregon. I S, anti other examples were in use in Alaska Trailing as I ‘SAir Shuttle. Shuttle Incorporated operated two 234$ between New Vnrk and Atlantic Cite from 1989.

234 Chinook

234 Chinook

vU otjinxrwtnt otfiveo i>y Boong tor tie Mode ig ((XW to.) enpaety rescue hoist. glass fbre і dotoctor probn and dnding equipment ruth wth ovwload capacity for 36 persons-


234 Chinook

(nct. xJ-


Crvi versions <y the CH-47b loxtron (AVCO) Lycoming 755 lurbootiuli powered tho Commorriaf Chinook Designated AL 5512. lh»o worn rntod at 3030 RW (4.075 hp.) for tako-ott. with a 2218.5-kW (2.975 fip ) concnuous rating and an nnvtrgcncy 30-minute mting of 3247 KW (4,35b rp)






When me Model 234 «1» introduced m me eerty 1080». и ■epmented a major advance m rang* Unit, over the smgkHMor type then wnvrvj North Sea ollirkJi However, the recent EH 101 hat a range abWy much doiet to thal o! ihe it-ije» Chnook.




I Ml »m (CIO ml.)




tH. IOt HtUUNUI еге кв ISTJBI.)


234 Chinook

(Patton to Те txvur. mat rth Soo. is feted h the n instrumentation n trio d.


For togging opcr. ilxyrs in Oregon. Cofumbta have re-nerved the tarings tic Ihe ado о» tho 234LR’s kiedago. uouaSy used to house extra tucl tinta Ihe save; mcmR weight ux) thmsteni ukwva heavier pav<oxis to be ifit


MI-W’HUO’ 800110 І4КИІ. І


nltOi COCkpit oflow


234 Chinook

North Sea 234 operations

gjJJG. RANGE ABILITY: Tho Ccmmorctal

: ,nr")L’ 11 ач obvious choco for

tlv» " 1 WHon* Most v. oro writ within

K"®* *34-n range from their Aboiiwi base


Rio support air bases •7*‘on»i Sou oil rigs 1. ~ ‘ “Mode! 234 range Chinook routes “-*-Fixed-wing routor.

Подпись: BRITISH AIRWAYS HELICOPTERS: Launch customer for tho Model 234LR was 8ritish Airways Helicopters, which ordered s»x examples for delivery in 1981-82. This operation was eventually taken over by British International Helicopters, although the airaaft were operated in BAHjПодпись:Other helicopter routes

Boeing Helicopters

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