Bell 222 police patrol

◄ Low level over London

Although London’s police helicopters sometimes fly very low, for example during a chase, they normally operate at around 300 metros (1.000 ft.) to avoid noise nuisance and for safety reasons. Accurate navigation and meticulous attention to a>r traffic control procedures are vital as the local area contains approach lanes for Heathrow airport.

Bell 222 police patrolA Speed trapper ►

Using timing marks painted on the motorways, a Bell crew can instantly work out the precise speed of a car and arrange a roadblock.

-4 Police pilot

Подпись:Polico helicopter pilots are actually employed by the Bristow company. Usually ex-military, they are trained m firearms and the use of the hdi – teie and thermal-imagnj systems. Conversion to the Bell 222 was undertaken in the USA


► The lirst Scotland Yard aerial unit used an airship to observe the crowds at the 1923 Derby.

>• Just before the war, the Metropolitan Police were using Cierva autogyros.

>■ In trie 1970s police helicopters only carried an observer and a radio.


>• Tho Air Support Unit started «lying the Boll 222 in 1980.

> Tho holicoptors carry Nitosun searchlights, stabilised heli-tele TV cameras and infra-red cameras.

>■ The ‘Met’ always has one helicopter airborne over London in daylight hours-



Bell 222A

Type: police patrol helicopter

Powerplanl: two 462-kW (620-hp) Lycoming LTS101-750C-1 turbosfufls

Maximum speed: 250 km/h (155 m. p.n.|

Range: 523 km {325 rra | or 2 hours 30 minutes* endurance at economical cruising speed

Service ceiling: 6100 m (20.000 it)

Weights: empty 2204 kg (4.850 lb); loaded 3560 kg (7.832 lb.)

Accommodation: two pilots, two observers or up to six passengers Observers are equipped with searchlight, stabilised TV camera, infra rod. thermal imapng and video cameras

Dimensions: rotor diameter 12.12 m (40 ft I fuselage length 10.98 m (36 ft, I

height 3.51 m (12 ft.)

rotor disc area 115.29 m1 (1.240 sq ft,)


Bell 222 police patrol

The Bell 222 is an excellent choice lor a poltcc helicopter, having twin-engined clearance for work over crowded cities, and enough capacity to carry dog teams or special firearms officers if needed.


Assignments are numerous and range from searching for missing persons with the infra-red system to covering convoys transporting important criminals to court. Most of this work involves diverting from routine patrols.

Be* hobcopfure liovu tnnttidnoffy boon ■xtuvpod will tw»i btoded nK»


operating the powerful Nitesun searchlight litis continuation of personnel and equlpntenl makes the Hell 222 a highly effective crime-lighting machine




PcAce Bel 222s ore powered by a o®r o* Lycomng LTS101-750C-1 turtxsftatte. y


Tho 222 mny consists or a MtrtoM Strei O’ spar. will a honeycomb core oobexf it ослегео ГУ о фл&і-ЬЬп Skm


Atihough hvtcoptnro ant гоїм» t«*1 лч taad-wme «rerun. Ifwy аго %Ы соnsdorohiy quicker man any imd-tuMd transport avalaWo m a oty A Beil 222 on patrol опт cotitrnl London can roach an mudoiil anywnero m the ilia metropolis « mmute*


Ж км» (tU a.».h.)


Jits r. s rsKsenger carrying ютвйглв* used to terry. teams to major rodents




Excellent thoujii ttic Bell 22? •» «or moe« patrol duties, и •» a urge» and heavier мьсорпи man other t, pes «і use by police force* around me world because о» tins, fl usee того fuel and needs lo land lor roplemshmenr того often man oUwrwtsa lass napabe n’loctune*


А steerable Nitesun searchlignt s fitted to the rear fuselage The am tx focused to cover a wv>o or narrow area


Bell 222 police patrol



Aitnough the Be* 222 • mam USA N to ootroi it con be pressed m» duty

•s a transport Tha helccpMrk aro ирооойу useful for spec uk duty seats, «uf. fi os heeittr armed ant. •хятолл teams, who con roach any mays* incidents with the mrwxim Otdeeiy.


■ POLICE MOVE IN: The youths are approached and questioned by officers, while the hefccopter remains in a surveillance position in case the suspects floo


Ш AN ARREST IS MADE: The suspects are found to bo carrying goods which may have boon stolen There aro now sufficient grounds for holding thorn, and they are arrested.


■ GROUND UNITS CALLED: As the suspects take a shortcut through an mdustnal estate, tho itoiicoptCT directs ground-based police units to cut them oft.


Bell 222 police patrol

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