Bell Model 212/214/412

< Airborne crane

A Bell Model 214B of tho Sultan of Oman’s Air Force demonstrates the type’s load capacity, lifting a disabled Skyvan. Tho 214B was a derivative of the 214A Isfahan developed tor the Iranian armed forces in the early 1970s

Commercial ►

The Bell 212 Twin Two-Twelve was based upon the UH-1N. itself an improved version of the UH-1 Huey.


A Fire fighter

For the fire- bombing role, the Model 212 may bo fitted with hrgt ground-clearance skids to

accommodate on under tusdege water tank.


Bell Model 212/214/412

Bell Model 212/214/412Alternative ► undercarriage

A version of tho Model 412SP with wheeled landing gear is offered by Boll Textron, for operations from places where ground manoeuvrability is important.

A Model 214’s single turbine

Tho 214A is ono of Bell’s largest helicopters. It boasts a 2185-kW (2930-hp.) turbine engine producing того power than tho twin engines of tho 212.


>■ Tho Modol 212 was tho first helicopter to bo certified by the FAA for singlo-pilot Instrument-flying fixed-float operations.

>■ Initial deliveries of the military 212 or UH-1N wore made to the USAF In 1970.

► The Norwegian armod forces operate tho 412SP from portable landing pads.


>• The US Marino Corps flies tho VH-1N as a dodicatod VIP transport: the US Navy’s UH-1 Ns of VXE-6 are for Antarctic flights.

>• Iran’s Bell 214s were operaUonal in tho war with Iraq, flying alongside CH-47Cs.

Indonesia constructs the Modol 412 under

licence, as the N Bell-412.

Bell Model 212/214/412


Below: The Canadian Armed Forces know the Model 412HP as tho CH – 146 Griffon and use tho aircraft as an assault transport, equipped with wire-cutting blades and night-vision goggles for the pilots. The Griffon flies alongside the CH-135 Twin Huey (Model 212).


Bell Model 212/214/412

Model 412SP

Type: ght utility helicopter

Powerplant: one 1342-kW (t. eoo-hp і p Whitney Canada PT6T-38-1 Turbo Twin Рэе turbo shaft Rat-rated at 1044 KW (1400-hp,)

Maximum speed: 259 km/h (161 m. p h.|

Initial climb rate: in nVmin(t.350t. pmi Range: 695 km (432 mi.) with max payload Service celling: 4970 m <16.306 ft)

Hover celling: 2805 m (9.203 ft)n ground effect

Weights: empty 2935 kg (6470 lb >: maximum take-off 5397 krj (11,900 lb.)


main rotor diameter 14.02 m (46 ft.)

fuooOgo length 12.92 m (42 H. 4 in.)

height 4.32 m (14 ft. 4 in )

rotor disc area 154.4 пУ (t.682 sc* ft I


Abovo: Differing from tho military 212 in cabin furnishing and avionics, tho 14-seat commercial vorsion is also known as the Twin Two-Twelve.


It* convenient*1 tail 000m and twn-DiadcxJ tar rotor urvt confirm tho Mocfot 4t2’8 rtAilenah» to the Barter UH-1 HtxjuceMcde» 204 ser*a




For Pymg in a war thoatto. tn«

AQ.-t 12 may l4> «j’.i. ppfvl with optional <nfra red emeaon reduction devices on UV) oxhnutrt ppes. An miomal host «з «led Л кхляскі


Bell Model 212/214/412

Each ot the tom foong rotors has elastomer» nub beanngs


ЯЇ 230 Utfi (143 n p. h ‘


Though ooDOOrxl «о n vxje engine uml the Pnitt A VVtvinoy Canada Tuft» Tw*i enore acluvfy cor&sts of two turtsnec.


J? S5 kmS (1И a. y.b. l

2E9 kn. S (167 m. p.k. l


S-78 SPtWT


The hey to the виссем and *oad- carryrg abirty ot the 2t? s«ric* n its

tirbrna powmuUnt, a

Braat Improvement over tra: or the Model 204 Though «


Bell Model 212/214/412

The ЛВ prefix ot this Lesotho Polico МоЬИо Unit Air Wing aircraft, denotes an example built by Agusta in Italy. Losotho Police fly a pair of ЛВ.4128. Agusta call their military version of the 412 the Grifone.


Shed heavy-duty tubular landnQ skxts (Wow lor xjwvry kjioeTuqn rnpivsmerfl to and lrom Ию cabin One « two se3e-mcunted cannori may Uo titttxt. ns w.-‘- as cahlr»- сипегь for bnittotbW ccvnuions


Model 212/214/412 military operators




3CM kg (7.«« IS.) Strike (11,400 №.|


SINGAPORE; No. 120 Squadron operates the Model 212 for Based at Sembowang, thrs aircraft car nos з T‘’ur, v«j weather radar to provide an all-weather capabAty


Bell Model 212/214/412

Bell Model 212/214/412Bell Model 212/214/412Bell Model 212/214/412


OH-58 Kiowa/TH-57 SeaRanger

• JetRanger military variants • USAF and Navy service • Exports

Подпись:Bell Model 212/214/412JetRangers have been big sellers on civil markets throughout the Western world. The Model 206 has also found numerous military buyers, both in the U. S. and abroad. With the U. S. Army, as the OH-58 Kiowa battlefield observation helicopter, it saw service in Vietnam and has recently been reordered as the TH-67 Creek, for primary rotary-wing training. The Navy employs the same craft for helicopter flight training as the TH-57 SeaRanger.

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