Bell OH-58 Kiowa/TH-57 SeaRanger

▼ SeaRangers In training

All TH-57AS have been replaced by newer Ш-57В: and TH-57Cs equipped as instrument trainers.

Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Bell OH-58 Kiowa/TH-57 SeaRanger▲ First blood

The Kiowa was deployed to Vietnam from late summer 1969 and was used throughout the war. Though intended as an observation platform, it was in demand as a transport due to its size and agility.


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► According to Boll, tho OH-58 surpasses all others, ovon the UH-1 •Huey,1 as tho Army’s safest helicopter.

► Canadian Armed Forces Kiowas aro designated CH-136; trainers are CH-139s.

► The Royal Australian Navy nicknamed its Kiowas ‘Battlo Budgies.’

This helieoptor traces its origins to a military prototype, the OH-4A. which first flew In December 1962.

Boll claims that military Model 206s havo flown over 17 million night hours.

Army OH-58AS, Cs and Ds were widely usod during tho 1991 Gulf War.

Bell OH-58 Kiowa/TH-57 SeaRanger


Bell OH-58 Kiowa/TH-57 SeaRanger

TH-57C SeaRanger

Type: Dual-control advanced ігаїгипд and transport helicopter

Powerplant: On* 3t3kW (420-hp) A’..son 250- C20J turbosfuft engine fat-rated to 236-kW (316 hp.)

Cntlsiog speed: 2i4 km/h <133 m pjij

Rate Ol climb: 467 m/mm p.538 t. p.m.) at sea level

Range: 845 km at 3048 m (525 m a? 10.000 ft.) Service ceiling: Over 6096 m (20.000 tt)

Weights: Empty 838 kg (1.348 lb.) max takeoff 1518 kg (3.348 lb)


Rotor (fcameter 10.16 m (33 ft 4 In.)

Fuselage length 9.5 m (31 ft. 2 in,)

Height 2S m (9 ft 6 In.)

Rotor *sc area 61.9 m'(882 sq ft.)


Below: Sweden’s navy operates seven Italian-built Agu$ta-Bcll AB 206A JetRangers as Hkp 6As. These can carry e torpedo or depth charges-


Above: The U. S. Army has adopted the JetRanger as its Now Training Helicopter (NTH) or TH-67 Creek.

machines Training anil liaison ate common unarmed roles, though Sweden and (Tide use armed Mrxlel 2(l6s for anti – submarine work.


Klim as built were sent immediately to the Vietnam War. where they distmguishcxl


Bell OH-58 Kiowa/TH-57 SeaRanger

Between 75 and 84 OH-58AS have been uegradea with forward toowng Mftred (FLR) and cornmuncabcns Inks tor crw’ian tow enforcement agcnocs nnd am asioned to Army National Guard urtfs m 27 states.


A total Kt 4» OH 58As ha-л been convened to OH-58C «■ndard with a tat glass cenocvior«jjce girt, an upgrades T63 onpne. nfrarea flR) suppressed exhacct" and tn:omai Improieiv. irtii IViro cutler*

«often fltled «com and below the Torward tusetoou


VVtwe the ОМ-58Л used a 238-kW (316-bp | Alison 163-A-700 turboehatt (a miliary domains» ol the 260-C found in the JetRangod. the OH-58C nt/oduced tho improved 313 kW (420-bp) T63-A 700 varum. A common feature ol fho Kiowa is an exposed tat rotor drive shaft on ttw tat boom, covwud on ifun uxnnele


Bell OH-58 Kiowa/TH-57 SeaRanger

Ulcd vain Sing» .v-ioax irtsstes on mouoengs cn each – srte of ifte fuselage beTund the main cabn door these provtdo prolecton horn other ‘-«icoplors but are seldom fitted


Army observation helicopters


■ BELi. OH-13 SIOUX: Famous for Ля expkxt: w.-ig ti,„ Kcrean War, Bell’s Model 47 entered


■ HUGHES OH-6 CAYUSE: Later to become a big se4er as the civ* Mod* 500. the OH-6 Loach" was awarded the first LOH contract-


■ HILLER OH-23 RAVEN: The first Ravens were ав ambulances delivered to the Army in 1950, the last OH-23s arrived in 1967,


■ HILLER YOH-5: The tutt#»Mf prototype was not put into production, but served as tho basis for tho сіїл» FH-1100


Bell OH-58 Kiowa/TH-57 SeaRangerBell OH-58 Kiowa/TH-57 SeaRangerBell OH-58 Kiowa/TH-57 SeaRangerBell OH-58 Kiowa/TH-57 SeaRangerBell OH-58 Kiowa/TH-57 SeaRanger


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