Bell UH-1N Iroquois


A VIP transport

One of several USAF staff transport UH-1Ns over Washington D. C.


Bell UH-1N Iroquois

A Oil exploration support

With flotation gear fitted to the fuselage and weather radar in the nose, this 212 is used in support of oil rig operations.

Twin-engine security ►

For the Marine Corps, which routinely operates its UH – 1Ns from amphibious assault vessels, the extra safety of two engines is a major asset.

▼ Inconspicuous Hueys

Operators paint their UH• INs according to their role; camouflage implies use near a battlefield.


Twin Huey to the rescue P-

Search and rescue is often an important role for any helicopter the UH-1N being no exception.


Bell UH-1N Iroquois


>■ In 1972, a UH-1N dropped a parachutist over MeMurdo Sound, Antarctica (or a record jump of 6247 m (20.497 ft).

► The ‘Huey’ nickname comes from the original U. S. Army HU-1 designation.

► Tho US Navy unit VXE-6 operates about six bright-red UH-1Ns in tho Antarctic.


>• The USAF’s crack 1st Special Operations Wing in Florida is one of the main users of tho UH-1N.

>• UH-1 Ns are ofton fitted with door-mounted machine guns for protection.

>• Tho original Huey, a Bell 204, flow for tho first time in 1956.

Подпись: Twin-engine Huey

Bell UH-1N Iroquois


eginning ІіГс – as (lie Bell Model 212. tile I’H-IN benditted from jn agreement lietween the t ’> riunul. u lurer. mil I nited Aircraft of Canada to supply Ucvto. r-lmilt Pratt VPhitncv engines for a more powerful modi’l of tile t’H-lll transport helicopter Twin engines for greater teluUlliy gave the 212TTI IN wider customer appeal. Ней aiming to attract hoth military and civil orders.

Fitted with the PTf. T-3 Turbo Twin-Рас (T-tOO). tin* first pnxluction Model 212 maiie its
maiden flight In April I9f>9 anil the first machine for tlie Canadian Annctl Forces was handed over in May 1971. As tin* Cl 11-IN tlater CH-135 Twin I luey) the new type was operated on liaison, utility and гем tie sorties, the typical variety of duties lot which tlie І luey’ became internationally famous.

ПІ-1 Ns were sulucqucnlly ordered by the I S Army. Air Force. Navy and Marines, all of which appreciated the additional lapahihiy available from the Bell twin. The Navy and Marines particularly liked

Above: Most USMC UH-INs fulfil a light attack/forward air control role with AH – f Sea Cobra and Super Cobra attack helicopters.

the extra safety afforded by two engines, especially important over long open stretches of water.

Italian coni|>any Agusta. which license-Ініік the earlier Hueys, also produced 212s and developed an anti-submarine anil anti-shipping version for the Italian navy and for export

Подпись:Подпись:Bell UH-1N IroquoisИ геем» ywm the Bight deck amt of two about] HH-1N6 have beneflued vom updated ccrrvtkncations era ■vttncj rmd Doppter nawgittxyi «дояпоШ

Подпись:ЙЩЯІХ fimdCNVS ntMl tow лом ar<l пЬсмі the* seat* prawdo the crew wild good nl nxrvt ипсагу.

Bell 212/UH-1N variants

■ AGUSTABEU. AB 212ASW: EqixppcO with a largo search

radar aha. • tho catxn. sonar, anti-shpping rrvssMs and homing torpedo»-. Hu* Ita’.anbixft 212 is ono ol 60 purchased by the Itai-sn navy Oltyy operators mdude Greece. Spam and Turkey.

Bell UH-1N Iroquois


■ VH-1N: Purchased ongmaSy as a UH-iN and later converted Dy the US Manne Corps, this aircraft was outfitted as a luxurious VIP transport with extra communications eqixpment. Ono other was simAarty converted and s»x purchased new as VH-IN».

Bell UH-1N Iroquois


UH-1N Iroquois

Bell UH-1N IroquoisПодпись:Подпись: Service ceiling: *328 m (14.200 ftlПодпись: Range: *18 km (260 mi)Подпись: Below: Many ol Iho UH- 1Ns in USAF service, like this one. are omployod on staff transport tasks. The first of 73 ordered was delivered on 2 October, 1970.Bell UH-1N IroquoisType: Twin-©og<ne. muRiroie (civwarVnv’itary) uWrty hoKcotor

Powerplant: Two 962-kW (1^90-hp) Pratt 4 Whitney Canada T400-CP-400 (РТ6Г-ЗВ) twin turboshoft engines

Weights: Empty 2899 kg <6,39? lb ); loaded 5069 kg (11.178 lb)

Dimensions: Span (mam rotor) 14.6 m (48 It) Length 17.37 m <57 ft.)

Meght 4.57 m (15 ft)

Rotor disc area 167.8 m – (t.807 sq It)


Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Bell UH-1N Iroquois


One of a batch ol UH>1Ns purchased by the US
Navy and converted to HH-tN standard, this
oxample is a rescue machine based at Naval Air
Station Agana. Guam. The MH-1N is the standard
Navy local base rescue helicopter.

ж ы



Bell UH-1N Iroquois


Once egam. the nr# of the Pima eSoee it to hofo a Urge* complement of troops The UM-tC wa* the meter, version ot th* ongrui В«я ЗО*. en<h had a wnaHer fuWao» men the later 305 (UH ID and TO. on Wtvch the 312 we» based it thereto»* hoe a «гздіаг load capacity


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