JetRanger TAXI

JetRanger TAXI


• Top-selling helicopter • Comfort and refinement • Thousands sold

Подпись: A Witt * its comfortable seating, excellent baggage capacity and enviable safety record, the JetRanger continues to be an international sales success.JetRanger TAXIOne of the world’s most popular

helicopters, the Bell 206 started life as a loser. Designed to meet a US Army requirement for a utility helicopter in the early 1960s, it was beaten by the Hughes OH-6. When fitted with a bigger, more streamlined fuselage to become the JetRanger, however, the 206 was an immediate success in the civil market. Still in production after 30 years and with more than

4,0 in service, it is one of the mainstays of the air taxi business.

JetRanger TAXIJetRanger II in Canada ►

Three та/or variants of the 2068 have been produced. Those Canadian-registered machines are examples of the JetRanger II.

▼ European air taxi

This JetRanger is painted in one of the smart colour schemes often worn by charter company aircraft. The machine carries a German registration.

▼ Bell in the city

Подпись:Demonstrating the helicopter’s unique ability to operate over cities from the smallest of helipads, this JetRanger flies past London’s Dig Don. Tho Iwhcoptor is ideal for transporting personnel to inner-city areas and avoids the problems associated with the road.

Versatile taxi^

With its skid undercarriage tho JetRanger has the versatility to operate from a variety of surfaces. Ground handling can bo difficult however, and somo aircraft are fitted with auxiliary wheels.


► Although it lost to tho Hughos OH-6 in tho US Army competition. Boll later sold 2,200 JetRangers to tho sorvico.

>- Boll delivered tho first Modol 206B JotRangor in 1966.

>• All JetRangers aro now built in Canada by Boll Holicoptor Textron Canada.


>■ Between 5 August 1982 and 22 July 1983 Dick Smith piloted a JotRangor III around tho world. Hying 56.742 km (35.180 milos) In 320 hours.

► Bell introduced the JetRanger II in 1971 and tho JotRangor III in 1977.

>• Over 7.000 JetRangers have been built.



JetRanger TAXI

206B JetRanger III

Type: goncrai-purpose light huiieopiot

Powerplant: ooo 3T3-kW (42<Wip.) Allison 250- C20B fU»’-rated at 236 KW 016 ho.)

Maximum cruising speed: 2t4 kmih (133 m. p h.) at sea level

Climb rate: 384 m/min (I 260 f. p m i at sea level

Range: 070 Km (443 m. p.h |

Hover ceiling: 2680 m <8,790 it) at maximum tjke-olt weight out of ground effect

Weights: empty 742 kg <1,632 lb.); maximum take-off 1451 kg (3.192 to I

Accommodation: pilot and five passenger* Dimensions:

rotor diameter 10.16 m (33 tl 4 m.)

length 9.50 m (31 ft. 2 m.)

height 2.91m (9 tt. 6 л.)

mam rotor disc area 81 10 m (873 &a ft.)


Left: Passenger-friendly features of tho JetRanger include wide cabin access doors and steps fitted to tho skid undercarriago struts.


Below: As one of tho world’s most significant helicopter operators. Bristow uses tho JolRangor as an air taxi, trainer and utility aircraft.




JetRanger TAXI

_________ ACTION DATA


AW» to carry a meximum ot 1m poMangai*. mo JelKanQ*» comot maJeii thn MOOCOt or AS 3300 in twin* of accommodation Ar U«l work e<!on involves 0ІШІЧГ prryloodt Of only two Ol till*» цимтат iwwovor. ure) irufcat Ию Э06В on economical ctio*co


la normal operator® the averaft«flown tythop-M tom №o right seat. Dual contro:. mar, (у, fitted as ir> option, awl wet-, a co-vu – i’-i ett twxj seat u-«a reduces passenger capacity to lou’




JetRanger TAXI
JetRanger TAXI

Tne JatRnntfar III he* о good range At sea IcrvW Of the types compared he»*, tno AS 3W8

has nurgnaSy

batter nmoe n « n laipcr

» –r «-


howoxrr. and cannot Oder «uen an economical

раскос» or. erw-densTy taxi wv-cei


JetRanger civilian operations



The versatility and load – carrying capacities of me JetRanger are shown to advantage by Its use m the crop-spraying role Its reliability, economical operating costs and comparative lack ol complexity mako it ideal for tho job.



Many helicopters havo been adapted to the fire­bombing role. Whilo tlie JelRanger’s lifting capacity may be marginal for such duties, it is n useful secondary capat*My for aircraft serving with police or para-nviitary forces.


■ OFFSHORE SUPPORT: unusually tor a singfe-englned helicopter, some JetRangers are used for fig support tlymg The aircraft in the foreground is a 206L LongRangor. a seven – seat development which has a longer cabin.


JetRanger TAXIJetRanger TAXIJetRanger TAXIJetRanger TAXIJetRanger TAXIJetRanger TAXIJetRanger TAXI

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