MH-47E Chinook

• Special operations • In-flight refuelling • Amphibious

Подпись:MH-47E ChinookWith the Boeing MH-47E. the US

Army enhanced its ability to carry out secret missions deep in enemy territory at night and in foul weather. The dark, dangerous-looking MH-47E is today’s special operations version of the much – admired Chinook of the Vietnam era. With high-tech terrain-following radar and an infra­red sensor, the MH-47E is the trump card of the US Army’s famous ‘Night Stalkers’.

A Weekend warriors

Подпись:MH-47E ChinookSmaller saddle tanks identity this as an early MH-47D operating with an Oklahoma unit of the Amiy National Guard.

Missile attack ►

The avoidance of enemy missiles relics on low flying and a series of chaff dispensers situated on each side of the fuselage.

▼ Night vision

Situated in the nose is an AAQ• 16 forward-looking infra-red (FUR) turret, which is essential tor low – level night operations.



A Special Ops kit

The MH-47E features numerous additions to the standard model CH-47. including radar, an in-tkgN refuelling probe, a complete sot of defensive modifications and additional fuel tanks.


MH-47E Chinook


► Flfty-ono МН-47Е» arc In production; all will be operated by the Special Operations Aviation Regiment.

► Operational equipment includes terrain – following and mapping radar.

► The contract for development of the MH-47E was awardod to Boeing in 1987.

>■ Missions Include global clandestine, long* range airlift infiltration/oxfiltration into hostile territory.

► A platoon of Rangers can bo airlifted in

one mission.

► The Chinook can be completely refuelled in less than 4 minutes.

MH-47E Chinook

MH-47E Chinook

Type: Special Forces support neJcoptcr

Powerplant: two Textron Lycoming T55 i 714 tutboshaft onginor.

Max speed: 285 km/h 0 77 m. p.h | at sea.’eve’

Max cruising speed: 259 km/h pet mi.) nt sea level

Endurance: 5 hr 30 m*>

Combat radius: SCO km (348 mu

Range: иттуэтд 2224 km (1.382 mi); typical 1136 km (706 mi.)

Weights: empty 12210 kg (26.918 lb.), maximum take-off 24.494 kg (54.000 lb.)

Armament: two 12.7-mm machine-guns:

Sixiger air-to-air missies


rotor ammeter «8.28 m (CO ft )

looglh 15.87 m (52 ft.)

height 5.59 m (18 tt. 4 m.)

rotor area 282.6 m’ (3.042 sq. tt)


Below: This MH-47E is seen during maintenance. The type has proved to bo very reliable and looks set to equip special operations units into the next century.


Above: The mam transport assets of the SOF are seen here: a Chinook taking oft on an exercise with an accompanying CH-53E.

recover SEAL teams.

Establishment «I forward arming areas and refuelling points is another role assigned to the МІІ-Г. for which three 3028-litre fuel tanks are earned internal!} these are known as •Ial cow’ operations:




MH-47E Chinook

Огечаьспа requirements speofod on up-iftipd у«гйХ1 of tr« Lyccmng rtigrxi lo mpruvo handling at tow lewW ard wfxsn Uo. innq


MH-47E Chinook


Devotoped in response to a request
trom th • Special Operations Forces, the
MH-rt. i. was dorivod from the standard
CH-47D. but is fitted with extremely
sophisticated avionics.


MH-47E Chinook

founded, їм – icmg-range opnrju<гл. the Oneok S*?8 ‘<хЛ ic bo titled wfih an mtWjht

CKt*. aOcwrg rotuertng from a C-130 jwoukr. Wm a length of П rn (36 tt.). it в Ihe "ук: protjn oiinched to any лгсгеїі.


Located я :he nose is nn ЛРО-174 terram-tolowng OT wealht» глипт, and mounted linear the chin is an AAQ-16 FUF1 turret the awonca suto meant, that operaiiom can bo earned cut btnow Э0 m |9H it. I.


AdOional tuel tanks can do boHod on to the soes ot ttie fusefoge. о/іікхкХ* this requres moving trv «csewoeeis tOTAtVd to accommodate the ext>a vo»imo


Ttie ггч» cargo ramp в ottnn «it open dining oporatonn to aftew racxl «ax of troops Occascnauy, a irvitwardfting mochine-gun is Mtfid. mcreawig the atmument further.


MH-47E Chinook

DEPLOYMENT: Onch in Ifni ivmi of deployment, troops can leave fhn MH-47 by nbwilllng from the rear cargo Duong this «tagn. defeoirvo lirepower <s provided


NIGHT-HAWK: A comprehensive fit of terrain-following radar and FLIP turret lets the MH-47 tly at exTiwnaii/levels m i,.xvc?.it;,-f. s


Мнц; )ЬЕ° ,,Л ‘GE: To operate bohinaeneSybnOTMtw ■•Ncri p„.r’ v ‘:ri 3 telescopic in-flight refuelling probe

™……………. •’ ,rwward rites enables contact with a Hercules

rch Entile a drogue behind its fuselage


MH-47E ChinookMH-47E Chinook


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