OH-58D Kiowa

• Two-scat armed scout helicopter • Special mast-mounted sight


Подпись:OH-58D Kiowaell’s OH-58D Kiowa Warrior combinos a proven design, incroasod power and hi – tech equipment in its Important role as the US Army’s main battlefield scout. The Kiowa Warrior goes into combat in careful co­ordination with ground commanders and heavier helicopters like the Apache. The OH – 58D’s main duty is to reconnoitre the enemy and pinpoint his forces, although it can also carry guns, rockets and guided missiles.

Подпись:Подпись:OH-58D Kiowa▲ Dual-role scout

Tho OH-58D Kiowa Warrior has two main roles: as a scout hcticoptor for tho army’s land and airborno forces and. when roquirod, as an armed attacker in its own right.

▼ Naval support

Подпись:Tho 4th Squadron, I7th Cavalry, US Army, is trained to operate from US Navy vessels it necessary. OH-580 operations were mounted at sea during the 1991 Gulf War.


The US Army’s 1/17th Cavalry files a stealth version with a lasor-proof windscreen and more pointed nose.

Saudi Arabia’s 15 Boll 406 Combat Scouts hnvo a roof-mounted sight.

The main rotor turns at 395 rpm and the tail rotor at 2,381 rpm.

► The OH-58D is named after the native American Kiowa tribe. Other US Army holicoptcrs are also named In this way-

^ Tho stealth version of the Kiowa Warrior first flew on 6 August 1990.

^ Tho first production unarmed OH-580 was delivered in March 1986.

OH-58D Kiowa Warrior

Type: two-sent aingio-eoginod armed scout helicopter

Powerplant: one 485-kW (650-bp.) Anison T703-AD-700 turboshaft

Maximum speed: ?37 km/h (147 m p h.) ‘clo*V at 1220 m

Maximum climb rate: 469 m/mm (t.539 f. p.m.) at sea level

Range: 463 km (288 mi.)

Weights: empty 1381 ко 13045ІЬ i. maximum take-off 2041 kg (4500 lb |

Armament: 12.7-mm machne-guns. seven-tube 70-mm rocket pocfs. plus provision for Stingy air-to-air missies and Heafire anu-armour missiles

Dimensions: man rotor dinmotor 10.87 m (35 ft.) mam rotor dec area 89.37 ro’ (962 sq. П.) length 12.65 m (42 ft. 2 inj

height 3.93 m (12 П. 10 in.)


A lfydra-70 seven tuto 70 mm mckot pod is Mlod on the port «Jo weapon* pytori


contours of the ground to shield it, rising only to list* its nust sight – known. is nap of the e. iith or NOE, Hying At the right moment, the Oil 581) attacks on its own. or directs weapons front anillery hauenes. larger attack helicopters or close air support lighier-lxjinbers Tite Kiowa Warrior combines the aerodynamic shape of the earlier OII-58A C. spotter with a lour-hladed rotor, a more powerful engine and a


Above: On 26 January 1991. during the Gult War, two OH-58DS flying from a US Navy frigate liberated an Iraqi-held island in the Gulf and took 29 prisoners.


The army uses the OII-58I) ro vг>pe with the sjxvd ami complexity «if modern warfare, (iroutul commanders інхчі flexibility to stay m top «>1 an enemy’s nunoem ICS. and the Kiowa Wall lor uses a m. csj mounted sight – і hall’ aliove its winding rotors – m s{x>t the enemy aim its own we. i|xins and guide those- of others.

In cumbut. the ОІІ-58Г) links beneath the horizon, using the


As we4 as the. ntra roo countermeasures turn* on the tatooom the Kxjwn Wnmcr also uses two types of radar war nog госомг and a luoor detection oat for turf protection


respectable we.11sons capacity.

Bell also І мі і Ids an export version ol the OH-581) known as the *‘K> tiimbui Scout In 1988 Saudi Aral ha ordered л 15 of these.


The 0H-5R0’s key ШПХЛІ лг» toootnd in the must-mourned •іцуа. Rofixvt tie two windows аго я IV sensor and an magrg nfra-red. wtsch оголів targeting and navigational information « oA vgnt and weather condtcns


OH-58D Kiowa



П» exhaust s located n the upper pane» Ot the engine tanng. Hot gases are ejected straight nfo the downwesh. wtroro may aro rapOty iMkrsed to reduce intra rod s»jnoture


OH-58D Kiowa

TV lock (147 a. p к I


SA 3411 GATE Lit? W «mV (164 о ph)


The ALO 144 tfiCM tumrt provKkxs protuctcn against hoas soekng missiw


20 »nv> <150лр. Н.)


Wrocxittixii above aro о cockpit 10 do theen hoard


SA 34IB Г. ЛШ’Л СП km (410 ac|


With the space m its futeUQe

taken up by avtomce. the OH-MO dooo not here» much room. ivaiaUe for fuet lank» os the


Some Kiowo Warnors are intended to be № transportable wth cofcx»i*3 skids, taking «aWeer «XI fm, removable wre-cuttera and a support tmme tor the mast-mourned eight


UrxJur ttw cabin, ntxiirtl of «eh river і dud a cawig tot»» m «■tea This n dropped down


OH-58D Kiowa

INTO THE TRAP: Hiding behind a building.

Whs OH-580 is usmg the extra height of its MMS to track the tanks beyond, without opposing itself to onorny tiro.


APACHE SUPPORT: With tho target In tight the scout can then radio lor an anti-armour gunship helicopter to engage wtth rockets, missiles or gunfire.


D scout mission

f the Kiowa Warrior’s |Ob • -.out working with armour hebcoptors like the

■° ‘n ih:s role the OH-58D •’«! manmado features as scouting tor targets.


DESTRUCTION: Using Its laser *

designator, the scout can guide Holltim anti-tank missies from the gunship, witl the latter being able to see the target


HI-TECH SIGHT: The mast-mounted argiit <MMS> contains a TV sensor, an infra-red Imaging system end a laser designator/rangefindor.


OH-58D Kiowa


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