AS 350/550 Ecureuil

• Anti-tank helicopter • Air taxi • Advanced rotor design


Подпись: ^ Despite the standard layout of Aerospatiale's Ecureuil, the helicopter has gone on to achieve notable sales success in both the civilian and military markets.AS 350/550 Ecureuilnown as the Ecureuil, the Squirrel or, in North America, the AStar, the AS 350 was developed to replace the Adrospatiale Alouette. First flown in June 1974, it has been produced in military and civil versions. Military models include the AS 550U2 utility, A2 armed and C2 anti-tank versions. The AStar is fitted with a single Textron Lycoming LTS 101, whereas the civilian 355 Twin Squirrel, or TWinStar, and military 555 Fennec have two engines.

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AS 350/550 EcureuilA Citywide travel

Severe] companies have purchased the Ecureuil and use it as a safe and reliable method to overcome city congestion.

▼ American (Iyer

Opcratod in the United States as the AStar. the AS 350 is used as an executive transport.

AS 350/550 EcureuilAS 350/550 EcureuilA Personal transport

Although it has not replaced the tarn – car as first stated by the helicopter manufacturers, it is very useful tor those who have the money.

Shipboard down under ▼

AS 350/550 Ecureuil
Operated by the Australian navy, the «і 3500 has a lightweight Dopp navigation system for overwater thgr

>■ The first night of the AS 350 occurred on 24 June, 1974, followed by a second example on 14 February, 1975.

> A fully-armed version of the Ecureuil is capable of launching anti-tank missiles.

► The helicopter has boon assembled under licence in Brazil.

The Ecureuil is markoted as the AStar »n the US, where it has achieved considerable sales success.

► A gunship version of the Ecureuil has a 20-mm cannon and twin gun pods.

► Emergency flotation gear can bo fitted to tho skids for operations over water.

Eurocopter AS 350/550 Ecureuil

Подпись: Europe’s utility helicopter

Подпись:AS 350/550 EcureuilПодпись:Подпись: AS 550 FENNECПодпись:

Continued development Iws kept ll*v AS 350 and its many derivatives on the nurket fur more iltun 20 yeaiv Operators ИЧ’ them lor a variety of tasks. In ни passenger Jjuvsport to polke work, aerial filming "> eunstruction work.

Tticy have captured (*0 jjer tent of the civil ami public service market l« »r single engine, six – to eight-seat Itelltupters.

Tlie first twin-engine ПИКІЄІ (lew in Scptentlxrr I0“‘). Must examples hate ЛІІімш 2nfl engine– Іии the Ггеїкії air force’s
і і AS ASSan use the 3 i()-k\ (•l56-hp.) Тигіхипйсд Arrius AS 350s and 555s have l>een produced m both armed and Ц unarmed configurations for several military customers, and there are naval anants as well.

I lelibnis ol brazil li. is assembled versions of I Midi the single- and twin-engine I’ennee. know n as Ksqtiilov Armament options include guns, rocket pods, anti tank missiles and torpedoes.

Tlie latest AS 5ЗОМЗ. Ilown for the lust tune in March ІУ97. has ііюге pow erful Arriel 2 engines lor

Above: Displaying a more war-hke role, this French army example has rocket pods.

improved performance in hot weather and at extreme altitudes The maximum load has Ix-en increased Ю IЗУ* kg (3,(»Hi) lb 1, while new a ionics, displays and controls make it safer and easier to operate

AS 350/550 Ecureuil

Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:AS 350/550 EcureuilAS 350/550 EcureuilПодпись:Подпись:Подпись:AS 350/550 EcureuilTAKE-OfF WEIGHT

The bgh tjfcO’Ctl wn^lit ot the AS 550 nlkmi •! lo be uiMd tor c wipe ranpe Ot Cut*» from «Пек to a« ambUence Compauo lo the ut*’ Mj-34. It* performance її ехсомт.

The Urge cabn urea of the AS 550 requ»w) ■ reduction in fuel loan which іе-wxted *n the Юоі or range. Arthojgh

lew capable than tho omlor GrucMe Iho Fnrnec has C«n BlfOClhO m CMl їло ТГіе unor

ГА-34 ruts ovon lew range



Eurocopter’s diverse designs

5*8330 i;uPER PUMA: Capable ot long range while carrying a В SA 341 GAZELLE: A compact design capable of a high boyk * ■ и„. puina й me ultimate in civilian fwlieopter travel. ctu<s*ng spmxf. the Gaze’k* ш only twidered by its small cabin -’V, r»proved. the dosxjn is in widespread service for carrying passengers.


■ AS 365 DAUPHIN: A development of iho Dauphin 1. the improved twin-engine desxjn has a greater r. ingo and improved Hhng capacity, it has been sold around tlw world.


Mi-34 НЕПМІТ IHOUnti (112 m. p.h.)




254 Emit (1|4 eb p. h )


AS 350/550 EcureuilAS 350/550 Ecureuil


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