AS 355/555 Twin Star

• Versatile lightweight • Air taxi • Police, ambulance, fire service

Known in the United States as the Eurocopter Twin Star, the bouncy little Adrospatiale Twin Squirrel is one of the world’s most versatile flying machines. It is small, modest and relatively inexpensive, but it is an amazingly practical helicopter with dozens of everyday uses. From air taxi services to police and rescue work, the Twin Star gives solid performance at reasonable cost.

▼ Police support

Подпись: A Safety tests Modem helicopters undergo strict testing, such as stability analysis, before entenng service.
AS 355/555 Twin Star

Подпись:AS 355/555 Twin StarTho Twin Squirrel is used by several police forces around the world, including Britain’s Metropolitan police, who use it alongside tho larger Boll 222.

AS 355/555 Twin StarAS 355/555 Twin StarAS 355/555 Twin StarПодпись:

Neat interior ►

The Twin Star has found its real nicho as a comfortable air taxi. Its compact cabin can accommodate four passengers.

◄ Fennec

The military version of the 7Win Star is known as the AS 555 Fennec. It is used for light utility work such as liaison and scouting, and can be armed with а Giat 20-mm cannon pod and pylon – mounted rockets.


► A naval variant, the AS 555MN, is oquippod with a chin-mountod radar, but is unarmed.

► Tho first Twin Squirrel made its maiden flight on 28 September 1979.

>■ The Twin Star has the best safety record of any helicopter in its class.

>• Brazilian company Helibras builds TVnft Squirrols with the designation CH-55 one VH-55 tor tho Brazilian air force.

> The Twin Squirrel’s FADEC control sysW* allows automatic engine starting.

> About 750 Ecurcuils and Astars have been delivered to operators in 19 natio"’

Eurocopter AS 355/555 Twin Star


AS 355/555 Twin Star

AS 355 TWin Star

Type: fivrc ‘wx-so. it general-purpose hr-copter


Tho AS 355 has о combined доаФси. wifi a «/wit %um each origan – doOvflrmg ixmxv totnoroeoro


Powerplnnt: two 340-kW (4S5-np | Turbomeca Amut tuiboshan ongnes driung a throe blnded main rotor

Maximum speed: 275 km/h <170 m, p.n

Range: 720 km (446 rrw |

Service ceiling: lOOOm (13.120 ft l


The naval AS 355M2 has a chin – mount ad 360 radar and can bo armod with a pair of lightweight homing torpedoes. This version is m use with tho Brazilian navy, which operates 11 UH – 12Bs.


AS 355/555 Twin Star

armed Mill» ami – tumour low nxkets


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TTw Uteri AS 355 S powenxf by two AJkoon 25O-C20E


Tne Tw*t Squirm has a


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май* V_


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. 10 ІИ

/ 100k*




AS 355/555 Twin Star

Al AS 355* Імлі а чклі type undercarriage lor итсйоїу and krw coM Thu « Monty kxvjthnnna « тМигу moduli




720 кя I «4 *11


Рок* TwnSaum* слот note a «хХ куч baty.

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AS 355/555 Twin Star



■ ALOUETTE III: Taking the ortglnof Atouotto concept a Mage further, the Aloootto III has a bigger cabin, n того eificienl rotor system and того powerful onginoa


■ LAMA: For operations m extreme conditions. Aeroapaiwiin (now Eurocopter) introduced the high-altitude Lama, which ia an Aiooette ll atrtnrne with on AJouetle III powerpiant







AS 355/555 Twin StarAS 355/555 Twin StarAS 355/555 Twin Star


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