AS 565 Dauphin/Panther

• Tactical transport • Search and rescue • Civil heli-liner

Подпись:AS 565 Dauphin/PantherFlown around the globe by both

commercial and military operators, the twin-engined Dauphin is built in three continents. Its ability to carry up to 13 passengers or a load of more than 3000 kg (6,600 lb.) internally or on an external sling makes it the ideal vehicle for a wide range of tasks. It has been particularly successful as a flying ambulance, and its dedicated military descendant, the Panther, is used by both naval and land forces.

AS 565 Dauphin/Panther
A Heli-liner

AS 565 Dauphin/PantherПодпись: A Dauphin family The Dauphins were progressively upgraded with greater use of composite construction, t retractable undercarriage and an tl-bladed fenestron. The first Dauphins used the Astaiou engine which also powered the G.vcte The AS 36SN2 is used by many city helicopter airlines. Including Hankyu Airlines of Japan with its distinctive ‘Footwork’ logo.

Подпись:AS 565 Dauphin/PantherA Multi-role machine

The Panther has been bought by many users for such varied missions as anti-tank attack and search and rescue.

Fenestron tail ►

Like the Gazelle, the Dauphin and Panther have a shrouded tail rotor for Improved crosswind performance.


► The Maryland State Polico oporates

AS 365s with radar, forward-looking infra­rod. searchlights and hoists.

>■ Tho Fronch navy uses the AS 565 MA for plane-guard duty aboard Its carriers.

► A Dauphin AS 365X set a speed record in March 1991 flying a 3-km (2-mi.) courso.

► Tho Panther was designed around the AS 365 but with radar, infra-red and significantly reduced noise signatures.

► Chile operatos four AS 565 MAs fitted with radar warning and Exocet missiles.

► Saudi Arabia uses AS 565s equipped with the AS.15TT short-range anti-ship missile’

Подпись: Multi-mission, rotary wing helicopter
Подпись: AS 565UA Panther Type: twin-епдлеО multi-rolo medium-utility and naval helicopter

Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:AS 565 Dauphin/PantherПодпись:Подпись:Подпись:


AS 565 Dauphin/Panther

Fluwtt In РТГ2. tile* first Dauphin was an updated XlmietU: III with a more pUttVtful engine. In l‘>"5 ii scl.1 new |чч. чІ rccotxl for it> class nl 30,x kill It < IRM m. l

Am»S|>at«alc then Imill the twin nginecJ AS.«ntand staticvl a long line nl versatile utility helicopters Пи* I’S CrntM Ciuatd clmsc the tfWi version as ii – standard si inn-range ivm’uc hclivopicr. and Israel txiughl 20 to operate from naval ранні lx nils I lari lin in China

builds lilt: as ihe X-9.

A multi-mle inililaiv version, the AS ;-J6SM. was lirst Mown in February im and carried 12 soldiers ami IIO’I anti-tank missiles or SNHU rockets. The 1 non* powerful AS sfo Panther serves alxxtrd French navy frigates anil is Iniilt bv Brazil lor its anttv. Naval Panthers are егціірречі with the Harpoon deck landing system

The Panther has Ivceil sold widely to Angola, China, Ireland (fishery protection), Saudi
iabia, Taiwan and to Thailand’s naval air arm. Fined with TKfK) engines, the type was even offered to the I S rmy as a I Jit-1 Huey’ tvplatcinenl.

Civil Dauphins are usevl amund the world by lire and police departments anil ambulance services. Coinmen ial operators use them to support offshore oil operations and for executive transpnit One is used the French an force fot VIP traibpon, with the С1Л. М filglit ItcLsed at Villacotiblay

The man rotor is a fou-btadtd St. vfk‘« stnictuo wifi quck-disccnnoci pine for manual Wdmg Ttvry rolalo nt 350 rpm


AS 565 Dauphin/Panther

China hmlds the AS 365N Dauphin as Ihe Harbin Z-9.
The current Z-9A-100 army helicopter carries Rod
Arrow wire-guided anti-tank missiles.


the 2-9 й ixsseretl by two tc«nco-fcuncC2A/iel turboshafl*. Tr«i PuntJwr в powered by the Airiol tAl. and tv» boon trial Mtixi win thoLHTEC T800


П*і олМОЛуий rot nr й

alvOiicJbd wXtin Ihe ftn,

Which «6 ЙС5ЧГ«1 «о mducc not», mcnatac otiemncv and (wily avcwl poositolo damage to tho bladce


Tho dual 1, ng oantroto are bydnk, l, jy powered. The t>ot ha» a W hstnmwii ftyrig pond and an outcen i ml ccilurvai radar




AS 565 Dauphin/Panther



The endcMto tns uni sft_*idy cutset to pod to counteract rolcr torque p kxwjnj light


the DoujhaVs tail tvo ;> ynafl tv игре to ptnvwit the mi striking the ground ourmg noso hgh ’ton: Mops’ or aulrvntations.


?7I кяі/ti (IT? m. p.S.)




Tim P*wio> r-.e an exodkrrt cwrtuit іл»ія ana uooonrn to outperform tne orxr two lypn Hcwnvrr. №• ‘.jiv lor ino AS btb a lot an unbd*n«d спігяП. utvm-и *» other* am Uty Scoded value*.


Dauphin and Panther operators


AS 565 Dauphin/Panther

■ BOND HELICOPTERS: Bond operates the Dauptvn on оЛід support duties, atoogside S&orsky S-6ls and Supor Pumas


■ BRAZILIAN ARMY: Known as the HM-I in Braz-ian service, 10 of the 36 Panthers wwo built undor liconce by Helibras « Brazil.


■ СЛТІС FIRST: Tills SA 365N2 із one of two sen I to СЛТІС ot China to allow tho company to set up Its own Dauphin production line.


AS 565 Dauphin/Panther



AS 565 Dauphin/Panther


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