EH Industries EH.101 Merlin

EH Industries EH.101 MerlinEH Industries EH.101 MerlinHeli-liner ►

Another former Sea King /ob that the EH. 101 is sure to take up is the holt-liner role. It will carry passengers taster and much more safely, thanks to its third engine.

▼ Avionics testbed

Number PP4 was the naval avionics test aircraft, engaged in resting the systems for anti-submarine warfare. The aircraft was destro-,fC in an accident early in 1995. but tho crow escaped safely.

EH Industries EH.101 MerlinA Leaning fin

The tailfin of the EH. 101 has a pronounced loan to port, to counteract the effects of the mam rotor.

Подпись:ATrials family

EH Industries EH.101 Merlin

The EH. 101 systems wore first tested in the Sea King furthest from the camera. It is flying with tho civilian trials EH. 101 and the Royal Navy’s PP5.

Подпись: EH.101 MERLIN ‘PP5’

Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:EH Industries EH.101 MerlinThe EH Ю1 has a •We-oMhi ext gloss coct-p/t wni •rub fund rtspiayr.


EH Industries EH.101 MerlinПодпись: SuccewM tre-sivrwn» «rtnajfcrgrtodwi і кава. «KicnuhlT 'ТЇПІЇГЙІО шаг.*хвол »i- p»t Ы Гі* /UK*. A глкхомг cm печет modi a ASlV жлЛ whn « «ли to •ajS'TJ ЛЛ. hi -oi»Ti Hr Ге EH 101 пЬглтирщ 5sn 9« mXKtxocn

Подпись: New king of the seas

EH Industries EH.101 Merlin

Подпись: The .it tract і vc ГИ 101 Merlin wax conceived .і» J replacement for the busy but antiquated Sikorsky WvMluiul Sea King It was d» Mgned as a co-operative venture hy and rVgusta. wlif established a company called Hutwpean НсИсщкег. later I'll Industrie*, to bulk! tins advanced, multi- purpose machine. The Merlin is a large and costly helicopter ami may prove too costly lor some na ies In us Mate-ol ti>e-.m dnti-.suhmannc Подпись: form it may nevertheless becottK' a common sight on the world s oceans especially on the flight decks ol larger frigate* and destroyers. -Піе Merlin offers sturdiness range and endurance It is a complex aircraft however, and this, combined with its cost, has seen Canada cancel its order. Britain and Italy have ordered more than 80 copies between them though to operate on both land- and currier-hosed duties. V ith a rear fuselage ramp added the Merlin Ls ideal for
Подпись: The utility version of the EH. 101 has bottor prospects for export than the naval version, but it faces stiff competition from another European design, the NH.90. other uses. Including army operations dvll oil industry work and executive transport. As a utility transport Merlin can haul 50 infantry soldiers. s i iS kg (11.980 lb.) ol cargo, or 1“ passengers in comfortable scab


Tt* Mvfe* t Vime powe/M «vnee. M*4*hap*d Мміао* and rota* tnaOm ol «trwrury *j. x..«1 wMocJynamc sNx* make n one oMn. laiioet пмсорім л /л. wono. міхn carrying a Ml load at «upon or ponanal II y*a

*» tmr »c»m t> patrol lory* «гея» c* in» ocean nun

»м НАМЛІГС m lavs (149 n p. li

гиіі»ьіі55ш. ал. і

EH Industries EH.101 Merlin


Merlin HAS. Mk 1

Type: tour-/su-seal mantime helicopter


Powerplant: ‘tvee 1724-kW (2.310-hp.) Rote – Royce/T urbomOca RTM322-01 turboshatts (Italian helicopters have three 1279-kW (1.7t4-hp.) General Electee T7CO-GE-GE-TBA turboshahs)




onli cmg toulute* fitted to the EK101. Another Vwluru is thermal de-icmy mots **!od lo И» rotor tedding edges


Maximum speed: 309 km/h (192 m. p.h.) Endurance: 5 hours


Weights: empty 7121 kg (15.666 B>.|; taadod 13530 kg (29.766 tb.)


EH Industries EH.101 Merlin

The underairrege is a n»tfrThJice*y mtractobio trtcycte unit win а Mrwrabki rawwflMri.

EH. 101 prototypes two Slewed simulated liard larong» at vudieol speeds of mao than 10 metros p3 ft.) per second


1 MERLIN: Built tor the Royal Navy, the pnmary anti­submarine variant ol the EH. 101 has a IU»y computerised avionic* suite and a 360’ scanning Bluo Kostnk radar.

2 CH-148 PETREL: Canada intended to use the EH 101 as its primary stvpborno ASW helicopter. But rising costs and a new govnrnment saw its cancellation m 1993


Dang? ftseper etsaronc support measures antennae ore 4tod to the front ind roar of me heteepte* The system warn* the crew of tho presence of enemy radar tranonvsMyts


The tear cabm contexts the dppng sonar and ns vwich. sorotuoy racks ‘ and cfcsoensers. a sonar operator ага и tacftcai systems о nicer


EH Industries EH.101 Merlin

« CXrvr» Ю rjrrfinQ

M(tn *OJ WptOCrt гамай or two ■ orty раї d Вш «tor* howewr»» Ж101 MMocapoMic* ccmvx) літі Ms»


тм*ш «а* Няроеп orExood


3 MILITARY UTILITY: On order for the Roy al Air Force, the military utility variant has a rea» loading ramp and can carry six tonnes ot cargo or 30 fully-equipped troops


ЕИ.101 ИПЯ SM44 Ka-tt’HUn

t«ur tr’rrXoc*. UANIWR t«0 l. ghlnttH

EiBMt, Ммуао», InlvnMi w»tiM *** fi*k " m Ге»ч«’п db iKprto*» о-

Itirtc ilr-te – Sc игі*с« *ftt chv*«

•attau mluiln nlvillti


4 HELl-LINER: Tho main commercial vanant will fly up to 30 passengers m an artne-styie cabin at a range of 1000 km (620 miies) Key markets include city-centre mutes and oil rig supply


EH Industries EH.101 MerlinEH Industries EH.101 Merlin


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