HH-65A Dolphin coast guard

• Search and rescue • Coastal patrol • Utility helicopter

Подпись:HH-65A Dolphin coast guardSpeeding to the rescue with the

US Coast Guard, the HH-65 Dolphin has saved hundreds of lives since its was introduced in 1987. Serving in coastal locations across America, this short-rango recovery version of the Eurocopter Dauphin multi-role helicopter has demonstrated impressive versatility. Fitted with advanced avionics and search equipment, the Dolphin is first to the rescue whatever the weather.

A Short-range rescue

Подпись:Подпись:HH-65A Dolphin coast guardThe НН-Б5А is the short-range component of the modernised Coast Guard fleet, operating alongside the longer ranged HH-60J Jayhawk and fixed-wing HU-25 Guardian, a version of the French Dassault Falcon 20.

Подпись:Advanced cockpit ►

The Dolphin’s modern cockpit is designed for minimum effort all-weather operations and includes comprehensive radio systems and datahnk. The flight dock normally houses two. but it can be flown by a single pilot.

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Israel purchased two HH-65s, and in trials operated them trom the navy’s Meet of fast patrol craft.

The Dolphin was criticised for lacking power in hot and high conditions, but «• re-engining programme was cancelled

>■ Two HH-65s ore used by the US Navy test centre at Patuxent River. Maryland.

► Flotation bags allow waterborne ditchings In bad weather – up to sea state five.

>■ The crow can be supplemented by a rescue diver for special missions.

>• Dolphins were purchased to replace the elderly Sikorsky HH-52.

Eurocopter HH-65A Dolphin – coast guard


HH-65A Dolphin coast guard

HH-65A Dolphin

Type: snort range соззг guard seareh-and – rescue helicopter

Powerplant: two 507 kW (680-hp) Textron Lycoming LTSIOt-750 turboshaft engnes

Maximum speed: 324 ктЛі (200 m p h)

Operational radius: 760 km (470 mi.) with тахігтжп fuel and 400 km (250 mi.) with maximum passenger payload, no external fuel earned

Endurance: t hours

Weights: empty 2718 kg (5.9B0 lb ): loaded 4050 kg (8.9Ю to)


span length height

rotor disc area


avionics and.1 searchlight, tlu* ІІП-65Л is ideal for short-range rescue work.

Although the Dolphin lias Іч-еп a success, there was controversy over complaints voiced by the I Slloast Guard that tlte aircraft lacked power, especially in the hot conditions around die coastlines of California and Florida in die summer. Ke-engimng the helicopter was considered, Ihii a-jectod on the grounds of cost


‘ – *

The HH-65A is seen here with its stablemate, the improved Eurocoptcr Panther BOO. A more powerful and upgraded development, the Panther seems unlikely to serve with the USCG, which was not entirely satisfied with the Dolphin.


11 94 m (38 it. 4 in.) 13.88 m (45 ft 6 in.) 3.98 m (13 ft. 5 mj 119.90 m’ (1.290 sq. ft.)




Tho ннббЪ twin «попої onvn rouiooami rosor* maasumg 11,08 m (38 И 4 m.| Uko the Givnk» and Panther. II» Uni rotor a trve torwstron Ion in-fm typo.


HH-65A Dolphin


Tho Eurocoptcr SA 366G Dolphin has boon employed by the US Coast Guard sinco 1982. replacing the larger jmph-Ыоив Sikorsky HH-52A in most units.




A genorafon onead of the ИН-Э or mo Wesae» and wrtn coru*Jer, it-tfY топе МтечігГітпд, ііиі HH-6SA л capable ой hrgh *pe*ds SH-Эа h*id apeed record* mthe ewty-i960»


The Coast Guard та»? iner French Dolphins with more cowedul Amencan-buC Textron Lycomng LTStOI Uabofthoha, makng the «trail capable o’ а mawnum upeod ot 324 totvh (200 m. ph )




324 kinli (200 я р. К.I


– Tipcah thn HH Gp’6 crow ли cermt o( a piot со рАзі and лум tngrK4>fwti. tt соегдну The

:v iws a 1200 Xj (2.(VtO-to.) «veil пчхгчвЗ atx>k« the adocr


287 km1i (118 я. р.Ь.)


«SUXHCMkZ 212 keOi (If » P•»•) ’


W<tti Its much tugger fuselage, ttw HU 3 has greater fuel capoocy and tonger range This atewod Я to fuftll the long-range rotary search arto-rescue role Ш «іфрол of me inshore HH-&S


NN-вМ OOLPHta 780 кя |47ЄяІ.|

M-3F 100S кя |62S ml.) WISSf X КС Mk 2 770Ui |47S mt. p


It me Ffrt-6515 miommaiB enough to au»et a doufe ergme fatire over the sea. a successful txcrwp wd oe acted try the heScopteCs pop out mtiatatue floats


The Dcruhn’5 tatooom к seated kr enhanced Ічжууагху and cont/ww an mcroased wro ції compoeco Fcnestron tad rolor Tho iWaattb manty cprroosJte sbucluro teods to »ls ncknamo of ‘plastr: puppy


1 mptrslicatati Planar array weather —". txr rtouipmenc to atow 10nr гтизйспа •’60HS. RG-8S and C 130s




HH-65A Dolphin coast guard



HH-65A Dolphin coast guard

■ HU-25 GUARDIAN: Derived from tho Dassault Falcon 20. the HU-25 can fty counter­smuggling or long-range rescue missions


■ SCHWEIZER RV-8: For covert spying against smugglers, the low-light TV-equipped RV-8 wears a tow-visibility pamt scheme.


ИИ-37 2500 га

(1.550 ft. I



ис. Мкг 1220 я (7*0 И.)


HH-65A Dolphin coast guardHH-65A Dolphin coast guardHH-65A Dolphin coast guardHH-65A Dolphin coast guardHH-65A Dolphin coast guardHH-65A Dolphin coast guard


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