OH-6 Cayuse

• Vietnam veteran • Hundreds in service • Top-secret missions

Подпись:OH-6 CayuseHughes overcame competition from

Bell and Hiller to win a contract for the US Army’s now LOH (light observation helicopter). The OH*6 went on to become the US Army’s primary observation helicopter in Vietnam. Although some problems were encountered during the OH-6’s production, new variants based on the civil Model 500 found success. Recently, the aircraft has been tasked with a new role, flying special forces missions with the US Army.

Hughes OH-6 Cayuse

▼ Post-war service

OH-6M which survived the Vietnam War were passed on to National Guard and Reset*о units. Some were modified tor special dutios.


A‘People planks’ and Special Forces

This MH-6H serves with the US Army’s 160th Special Operations Air Regiment (SOAR). It is able fo carry personnel on the ‘people planks’.


▼ Testing time in the navy

Four ex-US Army OH-6As aro on loan to the US Navy Tost Pilots’ School at Patuxent River. They are used to give students light helicopter experience.


A Armed for support

AH-6Gs aro not used as traditional gunships. They are most likely to lend tiro support to a covert mission it it is compromised and attacked


No tail rotor (NOTAR) ►

McDonnell Douglas’ NOTAR concept allows operations from tight spots, but with the cost of diminished speed and increased fuel consumption.


OH-6 CayuseOH-6 Cayuse


► For observation duties the US Army received 1,434 Cayusos from an originally planned 4,000.

► The first service OH-6s were delivered to the US Army in September 1965.

>• Soldiers nicknamed the OH-6 ‘Loach’ because of its LOH role designation.


► Cayuse and Model 500 variants serve in Japan, whero some aro dubbed ‘chisai baggu’ (littlo bug).

► In Vietnam damaged Cayuses numbered 420; many were roturned to flying status

► McDonnell Douglas still produces civil helicopters inspired by tho OH-6 design.

Подпись: production and. with Bell offering us improved ОІІ-5КД Kiowa in a renewed competition, manufacture ui the OlMiA was prematurely (Cniiinated after 1.434 had ІНЧ-ІІ completed Hughes also developed a civilian variant of the OH-6A. the Model 500 This machine went on to spawn a range of new military <a href=helicopters, im hiding a family of special o|x*ratfoas variants Tltese ” align=”left” width=”155″ height=”160″ style=”margin-left:-96px;margin-right:96px;margin-top: 0px;margin-bottom:41px”/>Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись: Economic cruising speed: 216 km/h (134 m.ph.) at sea levelПодпись:Подпись:Подпись:OH-6 CayuseOH-6 CayuseOH-6 Cayuse

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