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Подпись: A Demonstrating the F-28's ability to remain stable in the hover, a bravo employee is hauled into the air In front of tho cameras as a marketing sales gimmick.SharkFirst flown in its original form in 1962. the Enstrom 280 has been one of the most successful light piston helicopter designs ever. Whether teaching students to master the basics of helicopter flight, spraying crops, transporting busincsspoople across cities or patrolling pipelines, the Shark has proved popular with pilots and customers alike. Remarkably, the successful design has not changed much as the Shark remains an excellent utility helicopter.

Enstrom Shark

SharkПодпись:T Blended body


The streamlined fuselage of the Shark – the result of a carotul design study – is displayed for the camera.





Подпись: Eristrom’s Shark of the air
Подпись: Below: A US Army request for a new training helicopter saw a developed model of tho Shark enter the competition. Though test flown by servico pilots on occasion, the helicopter has not received an order and remains under development.Подпись:Подпись:Shark

En>m»tn was formed in 1959 specifically to build a light hellcupier. The F-2H. designed by Kudy J Enstrom. fitsi fiew m 1062 8 the time the Improved F-2XA was built in 1‘X. x. t-asinim had been purchased by.1 logger cotpoouiort itirlxx barged F-28BM-‘-. built, along with a T-28 turi)ine-powered variant By 1075, production of the F-2SC lutd begtin. llu> vaiiam was phased out 111 1981. when the current I 2«l’ anil 2X0 appeared These models Інчате very popul. it and by 1993. met 900 of

these helicopters had been built. With a redesigned main gearlxxx, main rotor shaft, and an optional exhaust silencer, the F28 can Ik – configured for crop spraying wilh easily removeable lk»p|>er>, and is also available as a j* dice variant (F28F Sentinel 1 with a searchlight The 280FX is a substantially upgraded Version, with new seats, tail fins, faired landing gear and a covervd tail rotor shaft More than 170 1 281 and 280FXS weiv in service in 1993 l1ie 280 achieved some success as a military trainer.

Above: Operating with the Chilean army, tho Shark has proven to be an excellent utility helicopter.

With Chile, Columbia iliul Peru 0|xr. iting ilu* type- The military – nptiimscil ‘Г! 1*28. which lost mil to I he Ik’ll TH-67 lot the new I S Anny naming belie oplei requirement, is a similar aircraft.

e rotor tail is рояюпей at the end ottho


Atnough eramred 1» trovultcm on fcntj ftoW» tho entxn can oooomodato throo pavxm – i-i comfort tor snort trips. The pM is pL-‘. ir.*ed on IIto їхні wio,»vi tcv. (txcotrni vtobfity n ad (игсіопч




110 КвЛі |II7 и ра.|

1B0 lovli (112 m. p.R.) *


Ї43 к*Л (ISO n. R.k.)


Ц. М-.І

Although orognwtively dixtnQ Sir. ccut* of Ocv«tapmon4,

me F-?8F after* bettor porlormanco mi ail hgnt ansa man lh* НоЬглоп R22. AJUiough not at powerful ns the 80 t CISCO. tho Г-28Е does not reqirro its largo ot a kxid-carrying саозоіу


168 kW



280FX Shark


Constructed from a igfit aitciy and діггз tore, the •usttage otters excepi. onai strength at no penalty In wuignr T»ie tai txxxn eoian al roeta senr monocoauo consimclon The reselling woght ol Ию heSoopfer гз surpnsngy title


Bringing helicopter travel to the messes lias always
boon a driving principle for manufacturers. Tho
Enstrom company has gone n long way to resolve this
with its designs.


Ю2 BftA
119 IW



Ugh; utility helicopters


10 НК CB
75,40 m-
I81B « П.)



■ eurocopter ECUREUIL Z The AS 350 is larger man tho Shark, but both are used in the same rotes Tho Enstrom achieves ths at a tower operational cost thanks to a less tuel-thirsly engina


■ europcopter


stream і nod design looks very Simla/ to tho Enstrom Shark but the Garotte has proved to be far more ndaptabe. sewing widely m both CM and military roles.



Developed in the US. the R22 has been exported worldwide to serve as a utAty and tramng helicopter. The design has proved very successful






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