• Multi-role attack helicopter • Fighting by day and by night

Подпись: A The design ot the Tigor was started at a time when tho armoured hordes ot tho Warsaw Pact seemed poised to ovorrun western Europe, and Soviet tanks were to be Its prime target.Tiger

Hovering menacingly among the

trees, the helicopter lies in wait tor its prey like a huge jungle cat. But no cat ever had such a sharp set of sonscs, nor such lothal claws. The helicopter needs those senses and claws; aftor all. natural predators have novor had to doal with proy as tough as a 60-tonne Main Battle Tank, which is what the Eurocopter Tiger is designed to fight.

Подпись: Tiger is 80 per cent manufactured from composite materials. TigerThe Tiger development programme is reported to have cost, to date, more than Cl billion (US$1.4 billion).

► Initial planning calls for tho Bundeswohr to acquire over 200 PAH-2 Tlgros.

> France was to order 75 HAP Gerfouts and 140 НАС Tigres, but may roduco that total.

► Tho plastic, enrbon-fibro and Kevlar fuselage is protected from lightning by an embedded coppor-bron/o grid.

>• Tiger will be able to dostroy any tank likoly to npponr In tho noxt decade.

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