Zapchastny aircraft

Zapchastny aircraft

That could lead to plane crash in the Crimea.

On Wednesday evening, on November 4, at Klementyev’s mountain near to the Crimean settlement of Koktebel the private Cessna plane onboard which there were four persons broke. All of them were lost. Specialists of the International aviation committee were connected to work on a place of crash (POPPY), arrived of Moscow. According to preliminary information, flight was carried out without the permission that as the Crimean experts on small aircraft, for a long time usual practice for the peninsula speak.

The easy four-seater Cessna-336 plane with board number of RA-7526 was wrecked at landing approach on November 4 at 17:45. Possibly, the error of piloting became a cause of the tragedy: without having sustained high speed, the aircraft (VS) entered into a corkscrew. Though skilled pilot Oleg Sokol – the chief of flight service State Unitary Enterprise RK «Center of glider sports "Koktebel"» (from its territory of Cessna went to the last flight) operated it. Together with the Falcon onboard there was a prior of the Kiziltashsky man’s monastery father Nikon (Demjanjuk), his acquaintance Tamara Belyay and the driver of the priest Oleg Harchenko. Flight was walking. According to unconfirmed data, father Nikon who asked the friend Oleg Sokola to rise in the sky was the initiator of unplanned air walk.

Father Nikon on the peninsula was known by many. In 1995 passing obedience in the 1st brigade of marines of Ukraine Nikolay Demjanjuk was directed by the officer-priest in Kiziltash (other name – Krasnokamenka, the settlement on the southeast coast of the Crimea). Parishioners consider as his personal merit revival of the Kiziltashsky monastery (it is open in 1997), and also restoration of the Sacred and Pokrovsk temple in the Pike perch. After monastery opening the priest accepted monastic post-threshing barns with a name Nikon.

On Thursday, November 5, in territorial administration of SKR across the Republic of Crimea (RK) reported about detention of the director of «The center of glider sports "Koktebel"» Boris Nebreev. «According to the investigation, from February to November, 2015 the suspect rendered to the population the transport services which are not meeting the requirements of safety. In this connection in the evening on November 4 near the village Brave in Kirovsk the area as a result of crash of the private plane which has taken off without the permission from airfield, pilots and three passengers who were onboard the aircraft» were lost, – declared in department. Concerning Nebreev criminal case under article about rendering of the services which are not meeting the requirements of safety, entailed on imprudence death of two and more persons is brought.

Zapchastny aircraft
Father Nikon (Demjanjuk) of the Photo: Православие.Ru

The center is on Klementyev’s mountain (Uzun-Syrt) near Koktebel. This mountain is considered a cradle of the Soviet gliding. It is called in memory of verifier glider pilot Peter Klementyev who was lost here during tests of a glider in 1924. In 1977 on the mountain the research glider base of the Central aero hydrodynamic institute (TsAGI) was created. In 1992 it reorganized into «The center of glider sports "Koktebel"». After reunion of the Crimea with Russia the center received the status of republican state unitary enterprise and passed to maintaining the regional Ministry of resorts and tourism. Also the paraglider club "Briz" and delta glider club work at Klementyev’s grief. The Kerch regional transport prosecutor’s office now conducts check of «The center of glider sports».

To "Lenta.Ra" addressed for the comment to Minkurort’s head of RK Sergey Strelbitskomu, however he refused to give the estimates before the completion of investigation of causes of the tragedy. According to our sources, the broken plane was not registered, anywhere according to the account did not pass and in general was illegally imported from Ukraine – in the form of spare parts.

«For some reason at us so it turns out: surely there should be a tragedy that we started to be engaged in any branch and to put it in order. When the motorist gets into the car, at it after all is both the driver’s license, and an insurance, and the staff of traffic police who watch traffic safety work at the road. Here and in the sky the similar algorithm should operate. We have good pilots, good runways. And the safety issue in air strongly depends on the head on the earth where there is an airfield where the board is based. There should check, whether there is a certificate of the flight validity of the aircraft, whether there is at the one who sits down at a steering wheel, the valid pilotsky certificate», – the head of department of aircraft of regional office of OOGO DOSAAF Rossii in RK Andrey Eletsky depicted "Lente.Ra" a situation.

Zapchastny aircraft
Director of «Center of glider sports "Koktebel"» Boris Nebreev Foto:

On the peninsula Lyudmila Zelenin, the pilot-instructor of the 1st class, the master of sports of the USSR, the elevenfold absolute champion of Ukraine in aerobatics, the pilot of first-ever female flight group «Patrol Transhat» (France) living in the Crimea shared the opinion on a condition of small aircraft. In her opinion, about small aircraft of the power simply forgot, therefore with it there is a lot of problems, but they do not decide in any way.

«A problem that fly illegally, without dispatching permission, that aviation equipment without registration and so on. Besides, in the Crimea still there is no territorial administration of Federal agency of air transport. The Crimean sky assigned to the southern interregional territorial administration, and it in Rostov. To go there inconveniently and it is unprofitable. Medical boards for flight structure in the Crimea too did not create conditions, though personally the director of the Tsentralny airport promised a year ago. Aviation equipment to register in Rosaviation it is troublesome and expensive. Probably so, without permissions, it is simpler to fly… But the price of these flights is written by blood. It is simpler to forbid, than to create conditions, to make procedure of registration of VS simple and convenient, to open here territorial administration of air transport. There are experts, pilots, planes. But is not present in republic Council of ministers, it is concrete in the Ministry of the transport, any expert aviation, and should be. Then adventurers from aircraft would not come to Council of ministers with the ideas, without having behind shoulders not only aviation, but also the higher education», – explains Zelenin.

The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov on the page in Facebook reported that instructed to begin checks of safety of flights of small aircraft with subsequent "drastic measures". There is a hope that after that tragic case local authorities seriously will be engaged in branch that there were no such flights at any time at own will – all the same how to catch a taxi on the road.