Special Control Devices

An SCT has a flight envelope strongly enlarged in comparison to subsonic transports. All new configurations, cither Concorde-like aircraft with thin w ings or an OFW. may provide some con­figuration deficiencies unknown for subsonic transports If the existing control devices cannot handle specific situations, or if the handling of those situations heavily penalizes those devices, then special control devices may have to be introduced for liandling these situations.


If one engine stalls or an engine burst occurs at supersonic speed (OEI = One Engine In­operative). strong lateral moments and rolling moments can establish. If handling of them penalizes rudder (and/or aileron) sizing, a special spoiler deflection on the other wing may compensate the occurring yaw. roll and pitching moments. Fine tuning is possible using the conventional controls

The oblique wing has superior aerodynamic performance, especially at low speeds This may inhibit an acceptable landing procedure with steep descent. Special devices can pro­duce the requested drag w ithout inacceptablc introduction of pitching moments

Such devices strongly depend on the selected configuration. They are only recom­mended if they considerably reduce size, weight or complexity of the ahead) existing system. It is possible, that such devices case design of the control system layout, but complicating the sys­tem may occur as well.

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