J. Mertens

Daimler-Benz Aerospace Airbus GmbH, Bremen, Germany

6.1 Introduction

Since certification of Concorde new certification standards were introduced including many new regulations to improve flight safety. Most of these standards arc to prevent severe accidents in the future which happened in the past (here: after Concorde’s certification). A new SCT has to fulfill these standards, although Concorde had none of these accidents. But accidents – although they sometimes occurred only for a specific aircraft type • have to be avoided for any (new) air­craft. Because of existing aircraft without typical accident types having demonstrated their reli­ability. they arc allowed to go on based on their old certification; although sometimes new rules prevent accident types which arc not connected to specific aircraft types – like c. g evacuation rules. Anyway. Concorde is allowed to fly based on its old certification, and hopefully in the fu­ture will fly ax safely as in the past. Bui a new SCT has lo fulfill updaicd rules like any other aircraft, and it has to be ’’just another aircraft" (75).

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