Belarus will start to let out helicopters

Belarus will start to let out helicopters

New updating of the helicopter which was developed in the Soviet Union, was presented to prime minister Mikhail Myasnikovich who is today with a working trip in Vitebsk area.

Vladimir Troitsky noted that the enterprise has two investors – the largest Ukrainian producer of aircraft engines of "Motor Sich" and the Belarusian enterprise "Systems of investments and innovations". "The sense of privatization of plant consisted in inhaling in the enterprise new life, to master new types of equipment and to receive orders, – the general director told. – Going this way, investors put engines of the fifth generation on the well-known car. At the expense of it the helicopter gets absolutely other characteristics on altitude, on temperatures and on a skoropodjemnost".

According to the head of joint stock company, Mi-8 of MSB put on a mass production last year put 12 world records, including on height of horizontal flight – 9 150 m (it is unique for the helicopter). "We made the civil car, and recently at an exhibition presented military option – Mi-8 of MSBV with arms which can directly be applied in the field of fight", – Vladimir Troitsky emphasized.

Now there are good prospects to make this car serially and to sell to many countries. "Intensity increases in the world. Orders for military equipment more than on civil as this car has unique characteristics", – the general director of plant emphasized.

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