Uncharacteristic sounds at conversation of crew members

Uncharacteristic sounds at conversation of crew members

Having read article «On record of negotiations of crew А321 caught «uncharacteristic sounds», I remembered one of episodes of the practical activities in Aeroflot.

So it turned out that instructions of the chief of laboratory A and REO to record dialogue between crew members of Tu-134 at whom during performance of flight one of engines refused were one of the first tasks for me in the beginning of my labor activity.

In those far times (more than thirty years ago) record of negotiations of crew was carried out on magnetic recorder MS-61.

It was the tape recorder of the small size and the weight which was writing down negotiations of pilots on thin (is thinner than a human hair) a wire which lengths sufficed approximately at three o’clock the flight, fixed in a round cap of orange color. Therefore, if the plane carried out longer on time flight, two tape recorders were established.

It should be noted that quality of record was not "fountain", but speech of crew members could be distinguished quite distinctly. Besides the thin wire was quite often torn and it needed to be fastened in special knot (which on one Babin there was an uncountable set) that also negatively affected quality of record. Later (I still found this time) passed to magnetic recorders with an ordinary recorder tape which was twice wider usual that was sharply reflected in a positive side in quality of record.

So, I turned on the tape recorder and began to write down methodically all negotiations of pilots among themselves and dispatchers …

From the moment of take-off before ascent of the set echelon abusive words met quite seldom. As soon as the autopilot was included, the situation sharply changed: crew members started to tell each other such "salty" jokes, what even at me for want of habit «завяли» ears – a mat on a mat and a mat drive. How to record all this nonsense?

All this "concert" proceeded with insignificant breaks till alarm system operation about refusal of one of engines. The quiet phrase of the commander of the aircraft (KVS) was remembered:

– Well, х*я to itself, бл*дь! And at us the cursor of the p*zdy was covered!

It is necessary to pay tribute to crew: a panic or even any tension in their actions even it was not felt – operated strictly according to the instruction in a quiet and business situation, every minute reporting on the dispatcher on situation onboard, without forgetting to use foul language from time to time. The plane without special problems reached and landed on one engine – passengers anything even did not guess.

During the whole remained time of flight "salty" jokes any more were not poisoned, but the crew found to itself other occupation, discussing that fact that the device of turns of the stopped engine showed about 70 % from working turns at the expense of an air pressure …

As a result, I was compelled to address to the immediate superior with a question, to write down to me mats or not in all details?

My chief of, having heard to some minutes of the written-down conversation, itself swore and for a long time reflected. Eventually it found a way out: caused to itself this crew and let’s to them hear to record of their conversation during flight.

To understand all humour of a situation, it would be necessary to see really the amazed ugly faces of pilots, with undisguised surprise glancing that on the tape recorder, on us, at each other: unless it we so talked? And "it" (MS-61) wrote down all this? Well, x. to itself!

More shortly, got rid of protocol drawing up on pilots. What they there wrote, I do not know, but since then «uncharacteristic sounds» at negotiations between crew members during flight decreased in hundreds times …

Senior lieutenant

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