Small amplitude/moderate to high frequency: bandwidth

The heading response bandwidth requirements are presented in Figs 6.64(a) and (b). The higher performance required for tracking tasks is common to both hover/low – speed and forward flight MTEs, e. g., Level 1 boundary at 3.5 rad/s. Such high values of bandwidth do not occur naturally in helicopters; typically, the yaw axis has very low damping, particularly at low speed, with rise times of the order of 2 s (see Chapter 4). The results of Refs 6.77 and 6.78 have already indicated the levels of damping that pilots feel are appropriate for aggressive yaw tasks. Bandwidths of 3.5 rad/s and higher are more consistent with rise times of the order 0.5 s and hence require some form of response quickening control augmentation.

Fig. 6.64 Yaw axis bandwidth/phase delay boundaries (Ref. 6.5): (a) (low speed) target acquisition and tracking – (forward flight) air combat (yaw); (b) general MTEs

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