Two-Dimensional Turbulent Jet


Figure 15.6 shows the mean velocity profile of a low-speed two-dimensional turbulent jet. According to White (1991),agood analytical representation of the velocity profile is

Figure 15.7. Spatial resolution curve for two-dimensional turbulent jets.


Подпись: b 088 Подпись: 2 csc h Подпись: n ab 2 088

where b is the half-width of the jet. It is easy to show that the Fourier transform of the function on the right side of Eq. (15.3) is

Подпись: (15.9)

and that

where a = 0.95 /Ay. Figure 15.7 is a plot of в as a function of 2b/Ay. It is the numerical solution of Eq. (15.9). Here again, the 7-point stencil DRP scheme is assumed to be the computational method.