To give the reader an idea of what an oblique flying wing is. we will start w ith a description the baseline design and layout.

Next we will focus on the main advantages of the configuration: Lower drag due to the variable sweep oblique wing and lower weight due to spanloading. It is the combination of both effects that make the oblique (lying wing an economical long range supersonic transport

Л big concern for a new type of configuration is the question whether it can fly safely. In the third part we will therefore discuss the issues that relate to safe flight, controllability and stability. In particular we will discuss the results of the 1994 flight tests at NASA Ames.

In the 1970’s the unacceptable environmental impact of supersonic transports, espe­cially noise and ozone depletion were the cause of the cancellation of the USA SST program So in the last part of this paper we will assess the oblique flying wings environmental perform­ance.

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