Flying stools

Flying stools

Of what only did not accuse friend Vladimir Putin – general directors РОСТЕХа Sergey Chemezov. Actively being engaged in raiding under the state roof, Sergey Viktorovich lately has more and more problems with accomplices, to hide which it is already impossible. But despite it Chemezov continues to surprise.

The last trick of the all-powerful unfortunate industrialist not that surprised – she simply brought into shock all professional public and not only it. Having appointed amnestied criminal Anatoly Serdyukov to the post the industrial director РОСТЕХа, supervising all aviation industry within state corporation, Sergey Viktorovich showed to all country, «who in the house the owner».

The power as if specially, shows to society that can get up anything and, thus, without caring at all of how similar tricks are perceived in society. After that step to speak more about its adequacy it is absolutely useless.

Making comments on Serdyukov’s new appointment, the press secretary of the president Dmitry Peskov declared: «The question of appointment of the ex-Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Anatoly Serdyukov to a position of the industrial director for aircraft in Rostekh corporations does not enter into competence of the Kremlin». Thereby having let know that the Kremlin in general excites that Sergey Chemezov in the economy gets up a little. And after all in Supervisory board РОСТЕХа state officials of a high rank sit. And Chemezov when created state corporation, was appointed to the post by Vladimir Putin’s decree. Though it also speaks about the state status РОСТЕХа, but is only formal. In practice, Chemezov’s actions unequivocally show that РОСТЕХ is «a private shop» Chemezov’s families, is actually and confirmed Sand officially.

Now, from Chemezov’s easy hand, in the country there was next "pilot" who has no the slightest idea of this branch. Serdyukov organically added the list, same as it, the laymen who are responsible for branch. Earlier «large pilots» were already known – Denis Manturov, Yury Slyusar … in pilots registered now and amnestied minoboronovsky pilferer Serdyukov. The personnel structure will press! For this reason it is possible to tell absolutely accurately that this branch in Russia long ago and it is surely comprehended it is destroyed. This process is systematic and not so chaotic. All these above-named "pilots" are occupied only with development of budget money and no more than that.

From here and "successes". For example, recently the vice-president for power and "Rosneft" localization Andrey Shishkin declared that the state Rosneft will buy about 200 helicopters of the Arctic class of deck basing of AW189 of production of the Italian concern Finmeccanica. Thus, where thermophilic Italians will take helicopters of «the Arctic class», is not specified. But it is known that the Russian analog – the Ka-62 helicopter, diligence of the management of holding «Helicopters of Russia», already long time stays in the semi-frozen condition. Works on it are somehow conducted, but here result, obviously, is necessary to nobody. Because, if in the short term there will be a result, that is Ka-62 will mass-produce, sense will not order the Italian toys. And here it Chemezov with Sechin in any way cannot allow, as the import equipment for this purpose and is bought to have possibility to deduce money of the Russian budget which go on financing of state corporations into foreign accounts.

Serdyukov’s acquired by it in the transaction on Mistrals the invaluable experience when Russia was not counted as a result of rather large sum, will be used and in these "otkatny" schemes. By the way, proceeding from new appointment, Serdyukov also will supervise a vertolyotostroyeniye. To sense from it there will be no it is unequivocal, as the chemezovsky holding plans to throw the remains of production of some Russian helicopters to other countries. Creation of workplaces in own country of our main thing ростехнолога does not interest at all – the main thing to report about revenue volumes. Chemezov understands that it and all his company is favourites therefore «хапнуть» it is necessary «here and now». From it and lack of long-term prospects. Otvyortochny assembly as in a case with Italians is just that is necessary to Sergey Viktorovich and Denis Valentinovich: quickly and dokhodno.

The same confirms also the analysis of results of activity of minister Denis Manturov on a post of actual "coordinator" of all vertoletostroitelny branch of Russia, since November, 2004 which shows that for this period (the last 11 years) is not created any new model of the helicopter. Though, on carried out by Evrokopter’s structure in 1999-2000 to a competitive estimates, the Russian CB Milya should for this period deduce to the public not less than two new cars. Despite huge volumes of public funds arriving in branch and means from the export sales which peak (the pent-up demand of the 90th was realized), by happy accident for Manturov, has for years of his management of branch. Instead of real affairs and the emergence of new models created by it management companies, all this time were engaged in exclusively incessant administrative regroupings of branch structure and budget development in what, actually, and saw all sense of the existence. Now in this structure вольётся and Serdyukov – the logician of management thus will not change at all.

And as to civil aviation: that is Serdyukov or not it, does not change this business. Analyzing processes which occur in modern Russia, more and more partners turns away from it, thus sanctions here at all at what. So, for example German chancellor Angela Merkel, during the visit to China, agreed about delivery of 130 planes of production of Airbus concern for 15,5 billion euro. There are arrangements and on other questions of cooperation in the technological sphere. Russia while is content with that is going to swing to China energy resources, on favorable, exclusively Chinese party, the price. It is worth to remember that the advertized power transaction with China was concluded on an uncontested basis when Russia was included already into the sanktsionny period, against going down in price oil. Chinese used a case exclusively successfully, negotiators they difficult. It knows everyone who faced this country.

For now Dmitry Rogozin told about grandiose plans on joint with Chinese to production of planes, Germans agreed about delivery to China of the ready planes. Thus, it is already reported about plans of delivery of 100 A320 planes which are the direct competitor MS-21 on the basis of which the joint project was planned. The successful German course for obvious reasons calls into question the Russian-Chinese project. It seems that even in China began to look at Russia, as on full неадекват. In this case Serdyukov’s appointment of a big role for aviation industry will not play. This appointment proves once again to all in Russia and beyond its limits what to understand the processes occurring in «an imperious vertical», in sensible reason it is simply impossible. Therefore to correct a situation, it is necessary to change all structure of management of economy, but the power on it, most likely, will not go …