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Near Vyazma the military helicopter

fell Near Vyazma the military helicopter

In the Smolensk region made rigid landing the military Mi-24 helicopter. About it reports "Interfax" referring to the Ministry of Defence of Russia.

Incident occurred on Wednesday, September 16, around 20:30, after completion of planned educational and training flight in "Dvoyevk’s" airfield near Vyazma. The crew did not suffer.

The commission on establishment of a damage and the reasons of aviation incident works at a place.

According to the interlocutor of agency Continue reading

The Ministry of Defence will buy thirty ship helicopters for Mistrals

The Ministry of Defence will buy thirty ship helicopters for Mistrals

The deputy minister of defense of the Russian Federation Yury Borisov visited Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company (Primorsky Krai) where discussed prospects of purchase of ship Ka-52K helicopters for helicopter carriers "Mistral", reported to "Interfax" in management of the press service and information of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

"The plant feels steadily, has the long contract for delivery of 146 Alligator Ka-52 helicopters till 2020, in plans Continue reading

About the amphibian helicopter Mi-14ПС

About the amphibian helicopter Mi-14ПС

On the 7th International naval salon (MVMS-2015) which passes in St. Petersburg from July 1 to July 5, 2015, holding «Helicopters of Russia» of State corporation Rostekh represents the project of renewal of production of the unique amphibian helicopter of the Mi-14 type. It is the multi-purpose helicopter, which can приводняться, drive on water and fly up from a surface of the water.

Helicopters of the Mi-14 type of development of the Moscow helicopter plant of a name of M.L.Milya were issued Continue reading

Marines of the USA wrote off the last Huey

Marines of the USA wrote off the last Huey

The marines of the USA wrote off the last multi-purpose Bell UH-1N Huey helicopter standing on service more than 40 years. As reports Jane’s, ceremony took place on August 28 on the basis of Naval Forces of the USA in New Orleans.

The last Huey of marines was taken advantage in 1971. In operations he participated up to 2010 (within operation in Afghanistan).

In total on arms of the Case of marines of the USA there were 205 UH-1N helicopters. The written-off cars replaced with modern multi-purpose Continue reading

The Mi-28H helicopter was highly appreciated by the American experts

The Mi-28H helicopter was highly appreciated by the American experts

Experts of the American research corporation "Rand" highly appreciate the Russian shock Mi-28H helicopter "Night hunter" (on NATO classification: Havoc – an opustoshitel). About it it is told in the published report of corporation devoted to comparison of arms and military equipment (VIVT) of production of the USA and other countries of the world.

The American experts especially noted security of the car, having specified that the armored plane-parallel glazing of a cabin Continue reading

Helicopters of Russia will provide equipment for Egyptian Mistrals

Helicopters of Russia will provide equipment for Egyptian Mistrals

The holding «Helicopters of Russia» can deliver to Cairo in case of his interest all necessary helicopter equipment for two helicopter carriers of the Mistral type, reported in the holding press service.

«Egypt is for us the old strategic partner, and in case of interest of the customer «Helicopters of Russia» are ready to provide "Mistrals" with all necessary helicopter equipment», – the press service reported, reports RIA Novosti news agency.

Specially for "Mistrals" the Continue reading

Helicopters of Russia began development of bespilotnik for airborne forces

Helicopters of Russia began development of bespilotnik for airborne forces

«Helicopters of Russia» showed to command of Airborne troops of Russia perspective helicopter complexes and pilotless aircraft, the holding press service reported on Thursday.

«The holding delivers modern and effective helicopters in armies and already conducts development of perspective helicopter complexes requirement in which test airborne forces, Land forces and other types and a type of military forces», – are quoted on a site of holding of the general director of «Helicopters of Russia» Continue reading


• Middle Eastern favourite • Combat proven • Assault transport

Подпись:CommandoA tactical transport helicopter based on the anti-submarine Sea King, the Commando dispenses with the naval equipment to make room for troops, cargo or casualties. Operated in various versions as troop and VIP transport, electronic warfare platform and anti-ship helicopter by several overseas air arms, as well as the Royal Navy, it has seen service in the Falkland Islands, the Persian Gulf and Bosnia.

Westland Commando

Commando▼ Commando production

Wearing a ‘class B’ registration, this Commando is undergoing pre-delivery test flying. The aircraft has been produced in some numbers for export.


Commando▲ Sponsons gone

Neither the Commando Mk 2 nor the Sea King HC. Mk 4 have the distinctive undercarriage sponsons of the Sea King.

Egyptian assault ►

Having used the early Commando Mk 1, Egypt later purchased the Mk 2. The aircraft are often flown without sand filters.


Qatari ship killers ►

Qatar may have added upgraded Commando Mk 2As to its fleet of Mk 3s. Tho latter aircraft represent a powerful maritime strike effort.

◄ VIPs on the Mk 2B

Egypt’s Mk 2Bs have air-conditioning and a thoroughly soundproofed cabin.


► The Commando Mk 1 is also known as the Sea King Mk 70 and is basically a stripped-out Sea King HAS. Mk 1.

> No customer has ever specified tho Mk 2’s optional underwing hardpoints.

>■ Westland flew the first commando Mk 2 on 16 January 1975.

► An idea to fit the Commando Mk 2 with 26 inflatable cabin seats was abandoned at an early stage.

>■ Commando Mk 2Bs have extra seats for two flight attendants.

>■ Qatar’s Mk 3s have Sea King-like undercarriage sponsons.

Commando Mk 2

Type: tactical notary helicopter

Powerplant: two 1238-kW (1.680-ftp.) Rolls – Royce Gnome H.1400-1T turboshafts

Maximum cruising speed: 204 km/h 026 m. p.h.) nt sea level

Range: 396 Km (245 m) with maximum payload: 1482 Km (920 mi I with standard fuel

Hover ceiling: 1980 m (6 500 It) m ground enact

Weights: empty operating 5620 kg (12.364 m > maximum take-off 9752 kg (21.455 lb)

Accommodation: two crew plus up to 28 troops


main rotor diameter 18.9 m (62 ft.)

fuselage length 17.02 m (55 ft. 10 m.)

height 4.7? m (15 ft. 6 m.)

man rotor tfcsc area 280.47 m'(3.018 sq ft


Вам-d on llic Sea King MK »l, ilit – original Commando MK I was

developed by Woiland in the hope that it might he ordered to replace the Koyal Navy’s Wessex Commando helicopters In the event, no initial British interest was expressed and the Egyptian air hiree placed the first oixki Tile MK I hail minim. il modifications, Ін» the MK 2 has a fixed undeu arrrage. an Лі I va need Sea King tail unit and composite rot<ir blades. HgV|* acquired I’ standard Mk Js. plus two Mk 2H VII’ transport versions and four NIK 21. electronic warfare variants.

A) upcrulors of tho Commando trooientry игл чи» overall m harm, sandy onwrorxnonts. Sand «Попі tor tho ongno mljKua ore ІГлгиІию a uaetii optorv



Wesilnnd kngftionod tho cabn of ltd Commando, although exlom. il dnrwKrons die urtertomd. Іо лг. пж-лі tie. Ihn rn. r IxAhexvi was moved alt by 1.7 motne (5 ft, 7 m l


AJhough it nftsncU the boat-shaped hut c* Ihe Sea K/g the Commando dtspensed w. tn V» ftttroclaofe mam wtxMrls and ihe spensons wth the* associated notation txjmpmoni TTxj smrpto stub wmg-moemtea undercamogt мда wwgre and «кгсэдвз левЬопз-сапупд ab*ty, anc may be fiireo with mmovobto emergency flotation pucks.



SKYHAWK ATTACK: Aftor dobverng a cargo ot tQ6-mm art dory shells to a forward location. ZA298. a Sea King HC. Mk 4 of No 846 Naval An Squadron, was attacked by an Л-4В Sky hawk. The main rotor was hit by 20-mm cannon fire, despite tho pilot’s evasion tactics, but a replacement tilado was flown in and the helioootor was repaired in the brio


Royal Navy Commandos in the Falklands



Following a Sea Hamer attack on the Argentine spy trawler Naiwal. two Sea King HC MK 4s and an HAS Mk 5 took the crew prisoner


whan convomd to tho older Wnssex and itw RMCPvrei •ICMk I.



Westland’s king of the waves


riginating m the Anglo – French Ik’llinpler agreement of 1967. the Westland Lynx is one of rite most advanced medium shiplxirnc helicopters in ІІК* vvoi Id The Royal Navy and French Athnnavulc wen* die ftnq users of the type. Init it lus since Iven ordered liy «tight oilier navies.

Alii* nigh with a crew of two or three its maximum weight is only 1600 kg і 10.120 Hi >. the Lynx can perfonn a wide variety of naval tasks Its primaiy function is anti submarine

Tlw nose con tare the odionoed Seaspray radar for surface search British Lynxes use я to gude tlw Sea Skua jntiVxp mcssAs.

The Lynx has been the most successful small shipboard helicopter of the post-war period. It combines small size and high performance with excellent handling at sea, advanced – technology sonar and weapons, and unmatched multi-role capability.

The Lynx crew consists о* a plot and observer (tactical systems operator) litting sido by ado m the cockpl. Some users also ііяглі n crewman m tlw mar cabn, lor sonor- oporabng or roacuo woik

Lynx HAS. Mk 2 (FN)

Type: shipboard anti-submanmc ant.-ship, and rvscuo heftcoptor

Powerplant: two 836-kW (i. 120-hp) Rolls – Royce Gem 41-1 turboshaft engines

Max speed: 322 km/h (200 m p hj

Max cruising speed: 232 km/h (140 m p. h.)

Range: uyp«caO 590 km (365 m*)

Weights: empty 3030 kg (6.670 0> I. max loaded 4763 kg (10.479 lb.)

Armament: iwin Mk 44. Mk 46 or Sting Ray ASW torpedoes or Mk II depth charges plus anti submarine sensor systems, or (our Sea Skua or similar anti-ship missiles: provision tor 1361-kg (2.995-lb ) siung cargo


main rotor diameter 12.8 m (42 ft)

tongth 11.93 m (39 ft.)

height 3.6 m (12 (1.)



737 toll ІНОт р » I


Lynx Sea Skua attack



Skua is powered by a sokt rocket, and can be handled and stored like ammunition


Westland’s king of the waves

■ SEA SKIMMER: To avoid oeieciion on onemy radar, the 1000-knvh (600- m p. h,) Sea Skua is programmed to (ly lust above the surfaco of the water


■ TARGET DESTROYED: A Waxing Iraqi patrol boot proves tlw devastating erect or the Sea Skua’s ?0-kg (44-lb.) armour-piercing warhead


SM-jsusmit tax Prnpie типе» и la* li|M»*leai Uiprtui


Westland’s king of the wavesWestland’s king of the waves


Lynx (navy)

• Anti-submarine helicopter • Missile-armed anti-ship strike

Naval helicopters have added a new

dimension to naval warfare. Blooded in the Falkland» and used to deadly effect in the Gulf, the Westland Lynx, flown by the Royal Navy and other maritime services, is one of the most capable and versatile of the breed.

In addition to hunting for submarines and attacking with torpedoes, depth charges or mines, it can track down even the fastest of surface vessels with onboard radar, striking with highly accurate air-to-surface missiles.

Westland Lynx (Navy)

Подпись:Подпись:Lynx (navy)Lynx (navy)

Super Lynx>

The very Most Lynx variants have a 360 radar capability. passtvo infra-red sensors and medial and satcAte navigation systems.

▲ War veteran

Britain’s Fleet Air Arm has used the Lynx to devastating effect in modern mantime confrontations. It made its name launching Sea Skua missiles against Argentine craft.

A Marine! lieger

The German Mannefheger operates its Sea Lynx helicopters from ‘Bromcn’-class frigates in the anti-submarine role. Unlike British Lynxes, the Marincthcger versions have a dipping sonar fitted. Tho unit. MFG 3. is basod at NordhoU when it is not deployed at sea.

While it was not specifically built for rescue missions, all Lynxes are capable of this, and most end up doing a rescue at some stage. Dutch navy Lynxes aro also equipped with dunking sonar.


>■ The first Lynx prototypo made its initial flight on 21 March 1971.

>■ The naval Lynx made its maiden flight on 10 February 1976.

Most export Lynxes, like the nine used by tho Brazilian navy, are based on Britain’s HAS. Mk 2.

► Britain’s first naval Lynx unit was No. 702 Squadron, Royal Navy, at Yeovilton, formed in December 1977.

>■ The Norwegian air forco uses tho naval Lynx for unarmed rescue missions.

► A modified Lynx holds tho holicoptor world speed record.

Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Lynx (navy)Подпись: warfare, but it can also perform reconnaissance, unttahfpping seaivh-and-мгіке. seaalt-and- trscue. fire sitpjiott. liaison and vertical replenishment missions, arul as .in attack transport it can cutty 10 fully-eijuip|jed Marines Among many naval Lynx weapons i> the highly accurate Sea Skua missile, which, like the helicopter, made its comliut «Ісікії in the Falkland* War of 1982. The war made it necessaty to fly <a href=helicopters at double Ule most intensive normal flying rate, often in blizzard conditions, where the” align=”left” width=”162″ height=”196 src=” style=”margin-left:-86px; margin-right:86px;margin-top:0px;margin-bottom:417px”/>Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись: FERRY RANGEПодпись: In Royal Navy Ihe Lynx nomviOy came* «forced Si mg Ray lorpoitaev « К «90 a deadly predator of Int-attack ft Sea Skua пмаім. Пн» Amercon SH-2 he а wntar capobdty with it» Norwegutn- devcfcpco hengun masAn rha Kamov i* capable of cwiyno potent weapon» but x m not normal»/ armed. Lynx (navy)