Passengers like comfort, and especially on long trips some level of comfort is necessary But w hat is the special kind of comfort required for supersonic transports.’


Passengers select a faster transport to save time, and they pay for the time saved. But this is the time fiom airport to airport or even house to house. Therefore supersonic transport only makes sense when the flight time is an essential part of the trip time, i. c. for long ranges

And passengers do not like stop-overs, because they prolong flight time and arc even more annoying than flight.

Therefore an SCT must provide long range capability to connect at least the most impor­tant areas of the world Europe. US and eastern Asia, all separated by up to 5000 to 6000 nm


Passengers pay for the time saved. Therefore overall trip time has to be reduced, as well by high cruise speed without stop-overs, but. as importantly by accelerated check-in / check-out.

Additionally, many passengers feel very uncomfortable during and after trips of more than 6 hours flight duration, especially children, or disabled and elderly people, who will feel circulatory trouble.


Passengers want space similar to comparable subsonic transports, i. e. medium range transports with same flight duration. The narrow Concorde fuselage is only accepted for Concorde’s exclusivity.

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