• SD7080-PT (Fig. 12.144)

The SD7080 has a lift range much like the S3021 but with slightly lower maximum lift. At low lift coefficients and high Rn’s, the drag is quite low, which will lead to excellent wind penetration. A flap, although not necessary, is recommended to improve thermalling performance.

There are some significant differences between the actual and nominal airfoils. In particular, the model was too thick (except at the leading edge) and had a turned-up trailing edge. If the usual trends apply, the model would have a little wider lift range and slightly higher drag than the nominal. This should be considered when building.

Also see: SD7084, S3021, E205, S3014, SD5060, DF101

Digitizer plot: Figs. 10.55, 10.56

Polar plot: Fig. 12.144

Lift plot: Fig. 12.145

Aircraft polar: Fig. 5.11

Thickness: 9.15% Camber: 2.48%