Energy Equation

For an incompressible flow, where p is constant, the primary flow-field variables are p and V. The continuity and momentum equations obtained earlier are two equations

in terms of the two unknowns p and V. Hence, for a study of incompressible flow, the continuity and momentum equations are sufficient tools to do the job.

However, for a compressible flow, p is an additional variable, and therefore we need an additional fundamental equation to complete the system. This fundamental relation is the energy equation, to be derived in this section. In the process, two additional flow-field variables arise, namely, the internal energy e and temperature T. Additional equations must also be introduced for these variables, as will be mentioned later in this section.

The material discussed in this section is germane to the study of compressible flow. For those readers interested only in the study of incompressible flow for the time being, you may bypass this section and return to it at a later stage.