Equilibrium of the AMAT11

The AMAT11 has a rectangular main wing with span bm = 2.1m and constant chord cxm = 0.3 m. The tail is also rectangular with span bt = 1.0 m and chord cxt = 0.3 m. The equilibrium code provides the aircraft characteristics and a maximum take-off mass M = 19 kg. The reference area is Aref = Am + At. Aspect Ratios of Lifting Elements—Global Lift Slope

The aspect ratio of the wing, ARm and of the tail, ARt are computed as

bm bt

ARm = — = 7.0, ARt = — = 3.33

cxm cxt

Equilibrium of the AMAT11 Equilibrium of the AMAT11

the global lift slope dCL/da for the wing+tail configuration will be Airplane Center of Gravity

The aerodynamic center is located at xa. c./lref = 0.3.

The center of gravity xc. g./lref, given a 6% static margin (SM) will be such that

Xc^ = — – 0.06 = 0.24

lref lref