SA 321 Super Frelon

• Heavylift • Anti-submarine warfare • Assault transport

SA 321 Super Frelon


urope’s largest production helicopter, the Super Frelon was built with the assistance of Sikorsky. Used for assault transport, anti-submarine warfare and dolivory to ships, the SA 321 was also converted to fire Exocet missiles for Iraq in the war against Iran. More than 35 years after its first flight, the Super Frelon is still in service with the forces of China, France, Israel and Libya, mainly as a utility and assault transport aircraft.

▲ Although the market in heavy helicopters was dominated by Amencan and Soviet designs, the SA 321 achieved notablo oxport success. The aircraft went to war with Israeli forces m 1973 in the assault transport role, and has also been used to rescue French navy pilots.

SA 321 Super Frelon

Aerospatiale SA 321 Super Frelon

SA 321 Super FrelonA Pick up

The Super Frelon was used by the Aeronavale for air-sea rescue duties from carriers.

Pacific deployment ^

A small number of Super Frelons worn deployed to France’s Pacific island nuclear test centres.


► Iraq used Super Frelons. equipped with Omora radar and AM39 Exocot missilos, in anti-shipping strikes against Iran.


>■ In French naval service the Frelon equips three units: 33F and 20S at St Mandrier and 32F based at Lanveoc.

>• Production of tho Frelon continues in China, where the type is called the Z-8.

>• Israel re-enginod eight of its Super Frelons and sold them to Argentina.

>• The prototype troop-carrying Super Frelon first new on 7 December 1962.

► French Aeronavalo Sa 321s aro used to refuel naval vessels from the air.

Подпись: Biggest of the ‘Eurocopters’Подпись: PROFILEПодпись: SA 321 Super Frelon Type: mroe-ongmod modnan-nssaurt transport and naval helicopter Powerplanl: three 1099-kW (1.473 hp.) Turbomocn Turmo tuboshaft engines SA 321 Super Frelon



Bravely entering a competitive market Uominated In Soviet ami Amencm design*, the Super Frelon was a derivative ul the original Frelon (Hornet). This large three-engined aireralt was designed to a French military rcquia-ment for a multi-role, inediiiin-si/ed helicopter with tile assistance r»l Sikorsky in the United States. Fiat in Italy were responsible for producing the main gearbox and transmission. The First pnMotypcs flew m

1962 and 1963. with the Aetonavale receiving the first Su(kt Freloas. equipped with a podded Sylph surveillance raiLir. in 1966. Some were later modified with nose-mounted radar and Hxotcl missiles for anti-ship attack, and the SA 321G.1 was delivered for utility transport duties. The 20 surviving Aerotlavale Super Fielons earn’ out search-and – rescue, vertical replenishment and transport duties, having largely relinquished tlicir

Above: There is little externally, except for camouflage, to distinguish the transport Super Frelons from their maritime counterparts.

anti-submarine warfare role The Super Frelon was exported to Iraq. Israel. Libya and South Africa. A civil heli liner variant, the SA 321.1 was also produced but not widely used

Below: A total of 99 French-built Super Frelons were produced.

The type also flew as a fire-fighter and hell-liner.

SA 321 Super Frelon



SA 321 Super Frelon


Power is prortJoo by tfvee frabomeco Tixmo IttC engnes. Fuel ts stored n texbie tanks irx3e« the floor ol the centre tusetoge. these helps to tower the centre of gravity.


The rotor в а мх Uadud, My-arhcttoiod uni. Tlw Aral tow rotor ixxte were groi/xl tested in the Urn! or I Slates The Wades are of al-metai


G«nm ji>y. the bggesi rwucopter* лги aho the Ltsiew Th* Super Fiaron n a powarful machine well a Uronrrtned fuselage shape and a high top speed ГПс SA 32t» purchased by brnrl had new engines fitted. greno mproved performance


The Super Frelon remains in limited use In the AOronavale, although it has now given up its former roles of anti-submarine and anti-ship warfare.


SA 321 SUPER FREID* 275 IjMi (171 m. p.».)




W km* (U6 «.M l


The Supe Fnftm fiaa а поев’ mcHnted radar tor r*Wr slip work


MM4 НАЛ – no ka.1i (t«3 m. p k. l


ШШ sa 32i swu. nan

tot-jfandraiull іВ7вкт|Ш

h-icootprs requre tone r. v<gt in t» «ftocltm They can ouppiomert the/ patiol endurance By carrying CM hovonno r**uo*» irom Oev.«r, tr% wh<n. ve loo amal lo

actuary lend on and can i вяз

ortim cany •*»» infernal ‘ и

tuM tor Inrry fights The naval M*-t4 а їлиійу thor*-baaed


I COS ka (124 nl»’



The tal rotor Is a flve-ttaded unit ot ormitt construction to the mam rotor, rotating at 990 revokitcns per rrWxtte The rotor в driven by gearing Irom me shaft inking the rear and pen toward engines.


The man cabn houses up to 28 troops n the assault transport rote. Exocet speaM

the fusotogo wdcs The і rwi have tho stabdsmg floats which ore fitted to tho SA 32IG


SA 321 Super Frelon



Мов na. nl h»acopccri carry a two torpedo or two-meala amamenl. The Russians are unusual n rarely railing trier hdcoptars. tm a becauae they rdy on long-ranged antl-auCmame manioc SS-N-14, when are f*ed Irom «arshpt


SA 321 Super Frelon

Я MIL Ml-8 ‘HAZE’: The most numerous hencopter ever buUL the Mi-8 (and the newer, more powerful Mi-17) remain in service with navies, armies and in crvAan roles around the world.



4 taryaden 2 lorpedm 2 teryedoei

or 2 Eiacets or 2 Emcth


SA 321 Super FrelonSA 321 Super Frelon

Aerospatiale (Westland)

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