For the professional aviator, there are few documents which are as important as the air­plane flight handbook. The information and data contained in the various sections of the flight handbook provide the basis for safe and effective operation of the airplane.

Various sections of the flight handbook are devoted to the following subjects:

(1) Equipment and Systems. With the me­chanical complexity of the modern airplane, it is imperative that the pilot be familiar with every item of the aircraft. Only through exact knowledge of the equipment can the pilot properly operate the airplane and contend with malfunctions.

(2) Operating Procedures. Good procedures are mandatory to effect safe operation of the airplane and its equipment. The complexity of modern equipment dictates the use of special and exact procedures of operation and any haphazard or non-standard procedure is an

invitation for trouble of many sorts. The normal and emergency procedures applicable to each specific airplane will insure the proper operation of the equipment.

(3) Operating Limitations. The operation of the airplane and powerplant must be conducted within the established limitations. Failure to do so will invite failure or malfunction of the equipment and increase the operating cost or possibly cause an accident.

(4) Flight Characteristics. While all aircraft will have certain minimum requirements for flying qualities, the actual peculiarities and special features of specific airplanes will differ. These particular flight characteristics must be well known and understood by the pilot.

(5) Operating Data. The performance of each specific airplane defines its application to various uses and missions. The handbook operating data must be available at all times to properly plan and execute the flight of an aircraft. Constant reference to the operating data will insure safe and effective operation of the airplane.

Great time and effort are expended in the | preparation of the flight handbook to provide the most exact information, data, and pro­cedures. Diligent study and continuous use of the flight handbook will ensure that the greatest effectiveness is achieved from the airplane while still operating within the inherent capabilities of the design.

[1] GEOPOTENTIAL OF THE TROPOPAUSE Figure 7.7. Standard Altitude Table

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