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Подпись: A The rescue crews S-6ls carry out hundreds of dangerous missions every year, often at great risk. Search and rescue is a favourite iob for aircrews.S-61To an imperilled survivor of a sea disaster, no gift could seem more heavenly than an S-61 helicopter lowering its survival hoist. A quantum leap in helicopter design, the long-serving S-61 Sea King has been a diligent labourer at many civil and military tasks. But no-one appreciates this superb helicopter more than the thousands around the world who are alive today because of an S-61 rescue.

Sikorsky S-61


Frying rescues m all weathers needs a comprehensive instrument panel.



Подпись:S-61◄ Pilot rescue

The Belgian air force is one ot many that usos the Sea King to snatch its downed pilots from the sea after they have ditched. Belgian Sea Kings arc kept busy, working in the crowded Channel shipping lanos.

A Oilrig supply

The S-61 has been a very popular oilng helicopter in the North Sea. Its twin engines and all-weather capability are essential in this work.

Load lifter ►

Using an underslung net on its cargo hook, the S-61 can lift a wide variety ot different cargoes of up to 3630 kg (8,000 lb.).



The S-61L land-based prototype made its maiden flight on 6 December I960.

► S-61 Le ontcrod service with Los Angeles Airways on 1 March 1962.

>- A hoavylift version of this helicopter, nicknamed the ‘Payloader*. carried cargoes as hoavy as 4990 kg (11.000 lb.).

S-61 production by Sikorsky came ond after two docades on 19 Juno 1980.

>. Military S-61 s served in 30 countries, plus with the US Air Force. Navy. Marine Corps and Coast Guard.

> S-61s were licence-built by Westland in Britain and Agusta in Italy.

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