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ing Commander K. H. Wallis is the most famous name in post-war autogyro design. After his distinguished career in the RAF. his first machine took to the air in 1961. Since then his revolutionary designs have broken almost ovory autogyro world record. Trials were also carried out on a military reconnaissance version, but the aircraft which achieved the greatest fame was ‘Little Nellie’ in the 1967 James Bond film You Only Live Twice.



Wallis Autogyros

Record breaker ►

Seen with its designer and pilot Ken Wallis, this WA-116JF broke an impressivo nine world records.

▲ Army evaluation

The Beagle company holpcd produce early WA-1Г6s. three of which were evaluated by the British Army.

First to fly ►

After Wallis started design work in 1958. tho first WA-116 was constructed by Beagle and flew in 1961. It had a 54-A W (72-bp.) McCulloch engine.

Autogyros▼ Hand control

To keep tho rotor blades steady when taxiing, the pilot can reach above his head to control them.

▲ ‘Little Nellie’

For its starring role. ‘Little Nellie’ was armed with dummy air-to-air missiles. 44-mm rockets, rearward-firing ‘flame-throwers’ and two machine-guns.


► As well os tho Bond movie, о Wallis design also appeared in and was used as a camera ship in The Martian Chronicles.

>■ A version built In conjunction with Vinton was designed for aerial photography.

► The WA-116 uses 27.5 motros (90 ft.) of runway during its take-off run.

► Tho Wallis WA-122 can be easily

transported in a container thanks to its folding rotors and landing gear legs.

>■ The prototype WA-116 was flown by Wallis for the first time on 2 August 1961.

>• Tho WA-119 Imp was powered by an engine from the Hillman Imp motor cor.

Wallis Autogyros



Constructod ol wood, the two-ttoded lontixmrj outcrotatrwt tutor пае metal runforcoments anti nternol mass balance* The ntal rotor spn-up б acrse.’ed wa a tiemtue shaft and епдпб clulcn A rotor отака в aba fitted.





Tire auirwiry ormurtnnf filled 10 the moaned WA-1 if. ‘Letio Mohr»’ consoled cf four MMonaWe rnorward-fwing •flvne-avowers’. км toon 44-mm rockets two mr-to-M rr*ssn» two noou-mountod machme-guns and 50 ar mines deployed cn parachutes



7 ham 30 Buiutas


2 haurs



4 Sawn


A Urge vi and rodow, attached 10 tho ond of n shod boom. ft*4p to convert the arcraft m forward right. They да» constructed of Пойму oYwood and fn*h*d <n Maaaooiam


■ THUNDERBALL: In lire dramatic oporung sequence of this film. James Bond fights and kills a SPECTRE secret agent at a chotoau m France. Bond then makes his oscapo using mounted yet pack which onutfes him to fly over the castle’s walla. A modified version of the let pack was used during the opening ceremony of the 1984 Olympic Games.


Bond film aircraft stars

Ш THUNDERBALL: Emilo Largo wi»-. foitod by James Bond in tils attempt to threaten tho world with nuclear weapons obtained ‘tom RAF Vukiarts that fad ditched 111 the Caribbean Sea


■ GOLDF1NGER: Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus Pew Pipor Cherokee* carrying nerve gas to disable US Army sokfinrs guarding the US Gold Reserves at Fod Knox. Kentucky.


■ THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN: James Bond flew the RepuOSc Seabee to Scaramanga’s island In Ihe South China Sea for a final showdown with the assassin




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