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Подпись: A The British Army typically its Scouts from remote bases with minimal support. Simple and easy to operate, the Scout helped the Army to develop the use of light helicopters.Scout

Westland’s Scout was a versatile and reliable helicopter which was retired from the British Army in 1994. Serving in the anti-armour and scout helicopter role, it was similar to the naval Wasp. Despite boing a rather limited machine built using old technology, the Scout was very popular. During the Falklands War, Scouts rescued injured soldiers while under fire, and fired wire – guided missiles at enemy strongpoints.

▼ Wet feet

During the Falklands War a Scout suffered a main gearbox failure while hovenng over a lake to avoid Argentine fighters. The pilot had to ditch the helicopter.

A Rocket launcher

A Scout gunner was required to stoer the SS. 11 missile to its target through thin command wires. The SS. 11 was a powerful weapon, but the wires often snagged and broke in flight.

Подпись:Подпись:Scout▼ Bucket balancing

It was a test of skill to fly tho Scout well, but the Army Air Corps finest pilots could carry a bucket through a scries of posts as part of the Bntish Helicopter Championships.

Scout Подпись: ◄ Naked engine The Scout was designed in the days boforc heat-seeking, shoulder-launched missiles, and its engine was not shrouded to reduce heat signature.


► A Scout pilot won tho Distinguished Flying Cross In tho Falklands for flying under fire to rescue a severely injured soldier.

► Total production of the Westland Scout numbered 150 aircraft.

► King Hussein of Jordan had a Scout for his own personal use.

► The Empire Test Pilot School at Boscombo Down flew a Scout in their ■raspberry ripple’ colour scheme.

► Two Scouts wore operated from survey ships by the Royal Australian Navy.

► A Scout still flies with the British Army’s historic flight at Middlo Wallop.


Scout AH. Mk 1


Below: Formations of Scouts over the Bntish Army’s training area on Salisbury Plain were a common sight when the craft was based at the camp af Middle Wallop.


Type: i-ve-seal light utility helicopter

Powerplanl: one sn-xw (685-hp.) Ro is-Royco (Bristol Srddoloy) Nimbus MX 101 or Mk 102 tree-turbine turboshaft engine

Maximum speed: 212 kmth (t3t mp. h i

Rate of climb: 15S m/ггіл (506І. рлд

Range: SlOkmpiemi)

Service ceiling: 4085 m (13.400 fi i

Weights: empty 1466 kg (3.2231Ы. loaded 2-Ю5 kg (5.291 lb 1

Armament: various option» including manually amed guns of up to 20-mm calibre fixed 7.62-mm mactvne-gon installations, rocket pods or four SS. t 1 masrles


Above: Tho Scout and SS. 11 was one of the first helicopter – missito combinations, and was reasonably successful.

out of tight places. Scouts were very Inisy in Northern Ireland, used as a high-flying surveillance platform over the ІКИХІСІ and for moMiig troops to clieckpoinLs



mam rotor diameter length (rotors turning) height (rotors turning) rotor disc area


9 S3 m (32 ft 3 in, I 12.2 m (40 ft.) 3.56 m (11 tl. am.) 75 89 m – (817 sq ft.)


Scout AH. Mk 1



Tho man rotor fod few bbdee of at motol construction Thofufy ailiculated Kit» find lljfxxrig and draggxig tinges


The taa rotor was a smpte. tv/o-btodod met* type with a central flapping hrngo


The cockpit of the Scout was very spartan An autcpiSot/’autostabiiser system could be titled.


For UN operations, the Scout traded m its гиіюпаї markings for toe tamous t*« msqrua





Urrtke ts nova counterpart, the Wasp die Scout had a email hocuontol Btotmser under toe пли of Uw talboom.


Tho fuMtago struciuro was a» met* semi monocooun. The tail rotor driveshaft ran аюпд toe lop ot toe tadboom.


the pA3l «о! m the right золі, with tho

obnonwrmittBu петит n trio left swat.


ІЙМ І1И-.»Л.| шміі ішя. аом IK kBik (117 m. p.h.) ‘-~






SS.11 missile attack



cavity of too explosive. i mrvtal P-icr of die warwj super-heated gas. досі


MANUAL GUIDANCE: Keeping the nvssile on track was tho gunner’s rote Ho looked Й trough tho silo, keeping tho tergot in the centre ol the crosshairs and mokrg any ndrasi merits to tho course with u am ей joystick.


mto a




SS.11 had a

maximum rango of f.

/usl 3 km (1.8 mi.), * "Д

so the Scout usually fired from a concealed position




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