Sea King

• Anti-ship and anti-submarine • British built • Search and rescue

Подпись: ▲ Originally designed to fulfil the anti-submanne warfare (ASW) mission with the Royal Navy, tho Sea King now serves in a variety of roles with air arms around the world.Sea King

In the UK a modified version of the

Sikorsky S-61 Sea King, with Rolls-Royce Gnome engines replacing the original General Electric T58s, is built under licence by Westland. The first Westland-built aircraft flow in May 1969. Since then, the helicopter has been produced in several variants for a variety of roles. Typical anti-submarine equipment includes radar, dipping sonar and torpedoes. Sea Kings are also used in SAR and anti-shipping roles.

Sea KingSea KingA Airborne early warning

The lack of AEW meant that Royal Navy warships were vulnerable to air attack In the Falklands. Ton Sea Kmg HAS. Mk 2s were converted to AEW. Mk 2 standard, but they wore too late for the war.

Sea KingA Anti-submarine SAR

When ships wore hit during the Falklands conflict every available helicopter flow rescue missions.

Advanced Sea King ►

In this developed form the Sea King is a formidable weapon, especially when armed with the lethal Sea Eagle missilo.

Подпись:A RAF rescue

RAF search-and-rescue units fly the Sea King HAR. Mk 3. which was specially built for the role. An even more advanced HAR. Mk ЗА has entered service despite problems with the auto-hover system.


► Westland had to fight oft stiff competition from the Sikorsky Sea King to gain Royal Navy orders.

► Rolls-Royce based its Gnome turboshaft on the T58 of the Sikorsky holicopter.

► Sea King AEW. Mk 2s are known to thoir crows as ‘bags*.

► Only the airframe shape and rotorhead of the Sikorsky Sea King remained unchanged.

► British ASW and assault Sea Kings served during the Gulf War.

► Searchwater radar used by the AEW. Mk 2 Is similar to that fittod to RAF Nimrods.

Подпись: delivered to export CUStOtneiN, im. ItiLfin^» the Australian and Ciemun navies'. The Advanced Чм King Inlrrxluccd more powerful Gnome engines untl composite tutor blades. India was the lust customer for this model. Many oldct Sea Kings have also Ixvit fitted with the loniposite rotor blades, which reduce fuel lonstliuplioiv Mission Сфііртепі lias also lx.*en dr.imati«:.ill Intproveil since the type lirsl Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Sea KingSea King

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