Westland’s king of the sea


ritain’s Koval Navy Ixiught a total of І52 Mk l. 2, 5 and 6 Sea Kings, most < >1 them as anti-submarine aircraft. Ten of the helicopters have lx*en іжхІіГк-d with side-iiu muted radomes to :ict ;ls alilvmie early-warning (AIAV) aircraft, a lonvcnsion which was inmxluced as a icsult of experience gainetl dnnng the Falkland*. War The RAF usc-s tlte Mk 5 lor аіг-sca rescue, and inoa – than HO Sea Kings have Ixvn

Sea King Mk 48

Belgium received five Soa Kings which were roughly equivalent to German ond Norwegian SAR specialised aircraft.

Above: The pnmary role of Royal Navy Sea Kings is ASW. However, some HAS. Mk 5s have been converted to SAR HAR. Mk 5s by the removal of anti-submarine equipment.

entered service, with current aircraft compatible with a range ot imxlem weapons, including the Sea liagk* anti-ship missile.

Armament: four torpedoes or depth charges, or Soa Skua, Sea Eagle or Exocet anti-ebo missiles


rotor diameter 16.9 m (62 ft.)

length 22.15 m (72 tt. 8 In.)

height 5-13m 11611 10 in)

main rotor disc area 280.47 rn’ (3,018 sq ft.)



Witti it* «wodyrumuc*»/ Onnr nrЗато end eighty tower rnutntum UtaJ-oft wng«. the Sirarsky SWH « UoU* Uian the WaMOnd Sen Keg ft* IU. nA Uoscty match» «* 6re*h mnehm*


Адан tfm йдПШг. tM» wp* «japped SH-3H Па* * tiettnf оте rate than the Sna King MX 428. The M-14PI. Ugm oonaidantty Mtred ard Пая pravsd toaa – orvilie in sernce


Many early Sno Kir^j*. wore lillod with ItvoMadod ti*l rotors A мх-ЫаЛх! unit has now rrotoced tho odor rotor n most иэиейу 09 pad of on cpgrado programing


A fixed laAVvoef proiuidob tiom Р» rear ol jho Son King’s Boat-‘*o bul Operations from wafer are rare nod th* fixed ta#vvtied dor» not f under normal acrAcrt oltoretions


iXw entrance it vui…_ ,__________ … _———————-

hnno rjfio омпо tueoloyo A large sklng dooi. vcwj cabft ncress iron the opposite sde.


ot ятхг*ххе operators. Ftetaptwt, .to n* i.*/ Icohasy. гхм*м». and W txsi a ascms u»v гтц? і I upc-Ict fi lo tsaco t «Атг 0»i ягопй turn од» and aria


I;T. KW<

For tong entl – млтопг* fxuiofcl andSAfii


Westland’s king of the sea
Westland’s king of the sea

Important t. tclor rhctVwnsnd heucoptor Outperform* л» American couvn bocojso d itn more advanced nngrirs ana nngre central syitmi*

The Mr-tAPl I* «gun toll плішу




ANTI-SUBMARINE WARFARE: Using ns dipping sonar m combination with dropped sooobuoys, the Sea King is аЫе to detect a submarine from the acoustic echoes it produces


Westland’s king of the sea


woit as providing advanced warning ot an attack, the AEW. MK 2 is capable of controlling the ar war.


Westland’s king of the sea


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