CH-47 Chinook

• Tactical airlift • Twin-rotor helicopter • Heavy lifter

From Viotnam to the Gulf War, the Boeing Chinook has been the most successful Western tactical medium-/heavylift helicopter. Fast, massively powerful and with a large rear loading ramp and long interior, the Chinook takes loads that other helicopters cannot: it can transport heavy guns, light vehicles and even other helicopters. Now uprated with better engines and new avionics as the CH-47D. the Chinook remains in production over 30 years after it first flew, and remains unbeatable.

Подпись: ▼ Trucking flight The first Chinook (CH-47A) had only a single cargo hook, but the modern versions havo three, allowing satar carnage of heavy loads like this five-tonno truck. CH-47 ChinookCH-47 ChinookПодпись:CH-47 Chinook

A Huey rescue

In Vietnam the Chinook was one of the few machines capable of lifting downed aircraft. The wrecked Huey’s rotor blades have been tied to stop them rotating In the wind.

◄ Battle wagon ▼

Transporting troops and their gear to the front n the Chinook’s main role. The twin-rotor layout has the advantage of not needing a vulnerable tan rotor and allows a long cabin section.

▼ Oil rig support

With its large capacity and range, civil versions of the Chinook were very useful hell-liners in offshore locations like the North Sea. One Chinook was lost in a ditching incident m 1984 after the gearbot failed in flight.

Подпись: FACTS In the Falklands War In 19Є2. a British Chinook carried 82 paratroopors in a single lift and survived a minor crash. Подпись:AND FIGURES

► Tho new CH-47D has tnple hooks, night goggle-compatible cockpit, advanced rotors and improved crash protection.

► The MH-47E is a special operations version, with night-flying capability.

>• The lower tuselago is completely scaled
to allow emergency ditching in water.

► A Chinook pilot was killed in the First Gulf War after flying into a tower.


CH-47 Chinook





CH-47 Chinook

Below: Chinooks can carry armament Uko these rocket pods, but the best defence is speed and low – tovel flight


CH-47D Chinook

Type: inedlurTv/hnavytift brtttlofwkl IwUcopio’

Powerplant: two 3264-kW <4377-hp.) Textron Lycoming T55-L-712 SSB turboshafts

Max speed: 298 knvh (185 m p. h.) at sea level

Combat radios: t90 km (t I8 mL) with maximum internal load; 60 km (37 mi.) with maximum external load

Service celling: 6735 m (22.069 tt.>

Weights: empty 10151 Kg (22.379 *>.); max lake – oЯ 22879 kg (50.000 lb.)

Payload: internal 6300 kg (13.890 lb); external 10340 kg (22.800 lb.)




systems and an air-to-air refuelling probe.

Chinooks were widely exported, and are operated by several nations Including rgcntma twhich lost some in the Falkland.* War», Australia ligypt. Iran. Italy. Japan. Libya and Taiwan.


Above: Helikopter Service is one of many North Sea operators who value the Chinook for its range and capacity, although its large sire prevents it using small Mi-docks.


CH-47 Chinook

30.14 m 199 ft 11 ml 15.54 m (51 ft.) 5.77 m (18 ft. 11 In.) 525.34 rrV (5.655 sq. ft)


A t«xi0v mounted таелпе-рол car* be titled to the втаї starboard door tor the toadmastor to gre cowing Ire wwi " operating m hooWo landing tones


The rear pyton cantos bo’.ti engetes and the gearbox synchronsaiion ur»t. Chaff and Itare dspensers and nfra-red іаттет can be mounted on the pylon.


tho CH-47V maximum payload ot more than 10 tonnes can be slung Irom one. two or three cargo hooka beneath the fuselage


The Lycoming T-56 lutboorep в pcwrwflat and ratable It is Ifcofy fo be replaced by an engoe n the 3500-kW (4600 hp I ctose if an advanced fuluio Chnook m hurt


Fifty-4® equipped troops o> 2-і «tors can bo accommodated о the mon cabn Smad vrjhrde* can also be earned mean the man lusotaga


The enw consists ol a p*X and eo-pitot veth lult dual controls, and л toadmnstar in tho rone companrrwnt




CH-47 Chinook



CH-47 Chinook

FucK is earned in tho long bulged bmga along the tuseiago жЛ»


^Win-rotor helicopters


CH-47 Chinook

■ FOCKE-ACHGELIS: The tlrst practical twin-rotor helicopter was the Focke-Achgelis Fa 223 Drache. which was used operationally ш the last years ot Vtodd War IL


Ш P1ASECKI: Twn rotors were a trademark ot the Piosockr company, and the» naval HUP Rotnever and military H-21 ‘Flying Banana’ saw service in tho t950s and 1960s


■ YAKOVLEV: Tho only major Soviet hebcopter o* this typo wits the Yakovlev Yak-24 ‘Morse’, which first Hew *n 1955 and served with Aeroflot and the Sowet military.


ж MI-17VU 4000 kg


CH-47 ChinookCH-47 Chinook

Boeing Helicopters

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