AS 332 Super Puma

• Oilrig support • Search and rescue • Tactical transport

Подпись:AS 332 Super PumaEurocopter’s family of heavylift

helicopters – Puma, Cougar and Super Puma – perform many duties around the world, but none more challenging as those in the petroleum industry. This is high adventure only a helicopter can provide – heading out over raging seas to bring supplies to oilrigs on the ocean. Fortunately, helicopters like the Super Puma handle extremely well when the going is rough.

AS 332 Super Puma AS 332 Super Puma

▲ Pre-flight checks

Подпись:AS 332 Super PumaPuma pilots have to carry out an elaborate chock procedure baton flying. This begins with the pilot walking round and examining the airframe and rotor blades.

◄ Long nights

Operating in the Shetlands mean long summer days and early starts, but long winter nights allow few daylight flying hours

AS 332 Super Puma

A Ready to go

With a closo eye on the vicious and changeable weather and fuel states carefully calculated, the crew taxis out. The number of passengers is vanablc. depending on the fuel load needed.

A Night maintenance

Where possible work is earned out at night, as the Super Pumas have a very busy day schedule.

◄ Norwegian Puma

AS Lutttransport operates in the Norwegian sectoi often flying in Arctic conditions.


>■ The prototype Puma first flew on 15 April 1965.

>■ Tho Super Puma took to tho air for its maiden flight on 13 September 1978.

► About 420 Super Puma/Cougar

helicopters havo boon built, about half of thorn used by civil operators.


► Petroleum Helicopters, tho world’s largr**

user of helicopters, uses Pumas and Super Pumas.

>■ Tho military Puma variant, the AS 532
Cougar, Is used by 32 countries.

>■ Tho Super Puma Mk II introduced new main and tail rotors and transmission.

Eurocopter AS 332 Super Puma




AS 332 Super Puma

AS 332 Super Puma

Type: medium-size transport hnlicootv Powerplant: two 1184-kW (t,590hp.)

ТшЬотйса МлкІІа IAI turbosJuifts

Maximum entising speed: 266 km/h (165 m. p.h.)

Weights: empty 4460 kg (9.812 to.), loaded 8600 kg (18,920 to.)

Accommodation: crew ol 2:24 passengers in high-dens’ty configuration, or nine stretchers and throe Mated casualties. or 4500 kg 19.900 lt>.) ol cargo slung oxtornaHy; some models have twin trixghl doors to accommodate bulky cargoes such as ой-drimng equipment


main rotor diameter length height

rotor disc area


The Super Puma supplements the older and larger Sikorsky S-61 Sea King (below) to service the oil industry. It has been a great success for the manufacturers, now called Eurocopter. The British operating company Bristow ordered 31 of a special variant known as the Tiger for offshoro support work, and others are serving as far afield as the South Pacific and Abu Dhabi.


15 m (49 ft. 2 in.) 18.15 m (59 tt 6 in.) S.14m(16n ioin) 177.00 m* (1.906 sq. tt.)




A protects»! ij-itn m fittod to Die ongrto шійчм to cmvcnt /ідімйіоп ol «о Of dobra, Т>м.»

I di. tv. .it ower 23,000 rpnt. roduoed tty the gaortsor io 2B6 qm at ttw man mfer


AS 332 Super Puma



256 km* (159 o».h.>


AS at НШ PUMA 256 kmti (ІІ5 т. р.к.)


Mi l 225 km* (140 n p. h.)


AS 332 Super Puma

to 1994 tqhlning №uo the tail rotor ol n Ouilow Super Puma, causing it to dtch – nto l?« North Sea. тяасиюий.7 wihout iriury to any pasMOogom


at *»*» increasing oetiwcs t’cm the nearest stiore bases the ablity to tty those Distances hi keemt weather condition*


AS 332 Super Puma

4)4 Puma arframe « ot I kitaton gear n rmcnutvW when convvntonof alumniim operating in bod wftotfw ovw with Шагшго uJurtimg. п tl»j аагудопхя North Sou critical arous.


«ООП 214 НО ко

(422 ml.)


As in at hetccdters, the possc-nger cabn of the Super Рита <з quite no«sv


AS 332 Super Puma

Puma family

pSA 350 PUMA: Developed initially as a nw. tary transport, the H AS 332 SUPER PUMA; Based on the highly successful ^e’ran ‘T V Iw! wc<!n 16 and 20 Passengers, it was one of SA 330. the Super Puma has more powerful engines, better


■ SUPER PUMA It The latest version ol the Puma, find certified in 1992, is the Super Puma II It e the longest In the series, with a stretched fuselage seating up to 29 passengers.


opters Cleared for ali-weatbor operation.


avtoivcs. and a tougher airframe and landing gear.


AS 332 Super PumaAS 332 Super PumaAS 332 Super PumaAS 332 Super Puma


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