AS 532 Cougar

9 Multi-role 9 First Gulf War veteran 9 Operated worldwide

Подпись:AS 532 CougarIn January 1990. Aerospatiale changed the name of its military Super Puma variants to Cougar. Now built by Eurocopter, this range of big, powerful machines includos tactical transports, Exocet-armed naval helicopters and a specialized combat search and rescue aircraft. Armed versions of the land-based models can carry guns and rocket pods, while the prototype of a specialised battlefield surveillance model proved highly successful during the First Gulf War.

AS 532 CougarПодпись: ◄ Keep on truckin' With its underfloor cargo hook. 9* Cougar в аЫе to cany external bat, to a maximum of 4490 kg (9.900 b} AS 532 Cougar

AS 532 Cougar

A Over the horizon

After a period of troubled development and budget cut-backs, a single AS 532 with Orchiddo radar flow 24 missions during the Gulf War. An improved AS 532UUHohzon combination is now entenng service with the French army.

A Rapid-reaction Cougar

Equipped with infrared-suppressing exhaust shrouds, this Cougar flies as part of the French army’s rapid-reaction force. It was delivered by Adrospahalo as an SA 332M1 Super Puma and is now regarded as an AS S32UL Cougar.

A Naval attack

For the anti-submanno warfare (ASW) and anti-surface vessel (ASV) roles. Eurocopter offers tt* AS 532SC Cougar. In the ASV role, the aircraft carries two AM3S Exocot missiles with a reported range of 4&-64 km (30-40 milesj

Y Submarine killer

Thomson-CSF Varan located in the nose radon* combines with an Alcatel/Thomson Sintra HS 312 dipping sonar in the roar fuselage to mako the AS 532SC a formidable ASW helicopter.


► By 1 January, 1995, 42 countries had ordered Super Pumas/Cougors. two-thirds of them military.

► Fivo of Abu Dhabi’s VIP aircraft have been given Exocet capability.

>• Turkey ordered 20 AS 532U2 Cougars at a cost of US$253 million.

> Aerospatiale based the Super Puma on tho highly successful SA 330 Puma, incorporating much new technology.

► Tho AS 532‘s gearbox will operate for one hour after all oil has boon lost.

>■ In South Africa, Atlas used many AS 532 components in its Oryx helicopter.

Eurocopter AS 532 Cougar




AS 532 Cougar

AS 532 UC

Type: Military ut ty helcopter


Rowerplant: JVro 1398-kW. (1.875-hp> Turbomecn Mafcila 1A1 turbonhafts

Maximum speed: 261 km/h (162 m. p h. j m sna


Climb rate: 420 nvmin (1.378 t. p.m) at sea level

Range: 616 km (383 mi l with standard fuel capacity.

Weights: Empty 4321 kg (9.526 lb.), max takMft (8961 kg) 19.800 lb with an internal load:

9330 kg (20,570 to.) with an external load.

Weapons: 2 crewmen bora plus 21 commandoe* or 4490 kg 19,900 lb.) external load

Dimensions: Rotor diameter 16 6 m (51 tt 2 ut) Length 15 5 m (50 It. 11 л)

Height 4.9 m (16 ft 2 In,»

Rotor disc area 239 itT (2.570 sq IIJ


Below: The Spanish air force operates a number of Cougars in a variety of roles. This AS 332B is seen prior to delivery to 603 Escuadrbn of Ala -18 based at Cuatro Vientos near Madrid. Their primary role is search and rescue, plus secondary VIP duties.




Locatod on (no startxwd =*» Ы tho tidboum. the Uu rotor lue tve Uackea A hotuunbiJ г. ііПчхї wilt 1 u fned кчкіїхі ixyjc dll № оррояПо on lixi isort sate


StantyV Black/umk л рмгмр» lh« Couyara < mtomational marknt The UH-fiOA e ihjtitly todat i end « Uii*d on a more recent dmgn


AS 532 Cougar
AS 532 Cougar






<143 «-M l


the dual control соочт no* a erashworti V btr* dock and cabin Doer


AS 532 Cougar
AS 532 Cougar

1 ho Cougar л or«a> «slmgietfvatiio from <s ргеоосіиаог, mo Purno. by «« largo vonlral fin bonoolh Itso tOBOOnt


Search and rescue versions are outfitted with search taoar and navigation computer as well os fictmcn ge»v tor Over wolor орегаюпз


ELTocopler’s product «(so has the edge on range. although the Buckhawk is atro to carry up to tour external fuel lank* when fitted with the externa* Моїм support system pylon* Tim IW-17U is the curcnt production versron of tt»» popular Russian lyAcopler. which is not noted lor Its range obktes


AS 532 Cougar

494 km |M? ml.)


BATTLEFIELD-SURVEILLANCE: Flying in Irtendiy mrc-pace. the Special AS — TkSHJl is аЫо to observe the progress of tho battto using its Horizon radar,

plotting enemy movements and giading fneodty forces onto targets. II is also able to follow and co-ordinate the progress of tho friendly air and ground offensrv».


AS 532 CougarAS 532 CougarAS 532 Cougar


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