UH-12 Raven

• Lightweight 1950s design • US Army’s H-23 • War veteran


UH-12 RavenПодпись:lagship tor an exceedingly successful helicopter family which included the Model 360 and the military H-23 Raven, the UH-12 was created in 1948 by helicopter genius Stanley Hiller. As a test bed for his innovative ‘Rotor-Matic’ control system, it went on to be built in largo numbers. At least 2,300 examples have provided excellent service to civil and military users, and many are still on duty, from Britain to New Zealand.

UH-12 RavenHiller UH-12 Raven

T Army H-23 Raven

Tho US Army operated the UH-12 as the H-23 Raven from 1950. This H-23B comes tho wing of an L-20 Beaver.

A Powerful light helicopter

Hiller billed the UH – 12Є as the most powerful US-built light helicopter.

Piston-engined ►

7?)o earliest Hiller UH – 12s were powered by Franklin engines, while later models used more powerful Lycoming flat-six powcrplants. Tho final UH-12E-4S had an Allison 250 turboshaft as fitted to machines like the Bell 206 JetRanger.

UH-12 RavenA Over San Francisco Bay

Hiller marketed tho civil Hiller 12C for land – or ship-based port work, such as personnel transport and tho off-loading of light prionty cargoes.

Large US Army orders ►

Подпись: variant was the OH-23G: 793 were built.

US Army Ravens were delivered for 17 years from 1950. Tho most common

Подпись: >Подпись: >UH-12 Raven


An early UH-12 was tho first commercial helicopter to log a transcontinental flight across the United Statos.

Over 1,600 UH-12s wont to the US Army and were used in Korea and Viotnam.


► UH-12s were exported to at loast

18 countries, many via the Mutual Defense Aid Program.

► Tho Hillor UH-12 was the US Army’s primary trainer until 1965.

> Asa Hying ambulance, the UH-12 can carry two strotchor casos.

► UH-12s wore manufactured by Hillor in Palo Alto, near San Francisco, California-

Hiller UH-12 Raven


Loft: Numerous civil UH – 12s have been used for agricultural tasks such as crop spraying. In New Zealand most UH-12s have undergone conversion and been fitted with Allison 250 turboshaft engines.


UH-12 Raven

H-23D Raven

Type: throe-wot light observation and training heficopte*

Powcrplant: one 186-KW C250-hp. l Lycoming VO-450-23B llat-s« air-coded piston engine

Max speed: -.S3 km/h (95 m. p.n) at sea lev*1 Cruising speed: 132 km/h (82 m. p.h)

Initial climb rate: 320 nVmin (1.246 f. p.m.) Range: 3t7 km(200ml. i

Weights: empty 82J kg (1.612lb.); loaded 1225 kg (2.695 lb.)

Armament: normally none although smaB-arms were oltcn earned by crew in active service


main rotor diameter longih height

rotor disc area


Below: A number of UH■ 12$ in the US are employed in a major insect control campaign in the Atlantic coast states. Over 1,000 UH-12s are still flying worldwide.


exported to overseas customers. IxHh military and civil

Stanley Hiller’s son. Jeffrey, took over the business m 1991 The l ompnay continues to develop the 111-12 m piston – and tut bine-engined versions and as. t new fivo-seatcr – a testimony to the soundness of the 1910s design.


7 44 m (24 ft. 5 in.) 8.47 m (27 It. 9 in.) 2.98 m (9 ft. 9 tn.) 91-51 m1 (985 iq. ft.)




StwrsH «round 160 Hmli (100 m p fvj лети typical ky the frst nv»s produced hgtt! imicopten Bell* S-oux was wideУ u»«l try US force* tlin Mi 1 wm an vary product «Г №• turnout M. lfactory


A liMi lil ukd main rotor e htlod. ihrof* are interchangeable and in constructed ot bonded AtakitesS steer with an akjmnh/n fwneyoomb core


The Hitler UH-12E was ono of tho most widely
produced civil variants and has boon built sinco 1959.
Current production Is based on this modot

A Ootngueftng foalu’O of tho ЦМ-12 family « the* taH rotor

drtwHhatt running from the mom – j

gearbox to the tow Vug UWtooom f n


Ibo – flotafisfi ілглГ oockprt Of tho lUoe

telLft’.’ 1 bench мої wt *ch re аг* і in accerr rri <taie “TMtWfle. ihchdriy Ож plot wul ccn trots am Spborui


The simply constructed taiboom is made of beaded ught-afloy и*хя ana ctoes not сотая internal btlltoneu. The fuselage « aKo o* light o»oy.


The ight-akyy tail rotor a proteaed from groundng’ by a tan skxi The tan rotor, vital to the control at tt*e aircraft is one ot the moel vulnerable pans of a helicopter


UH-12 Raven

Hiller vertical risers

11 UM-5: – mint’s first helicopter with a main

rotor confflurafKjn. the UH-5 also saw __ ” its ‘Rotor-Matic’ control system


В X-18: Ths unuaual machine – лаз flown in 1959 to teat the practicality of tilt-wir>g ar craft. It was short-lived and the resuOs were incondusiwj.


В FH-1100: Hiller’s attompt to bu:<J a machine to rival tho Boll JotRangor and Hughes S00 was derived from the unsuccessful military OH-5.


BhJ-1 HORNET: Twelve of these two-seat mmtet-powofod helicopters were built, plus a furthor t2 for the US Army as the YH-32


(і. гюі. р.ш.)



735 oanli


UH-12 Raven


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