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Подпись:CommandoA tactical transport helicopter based on the anti-submarine Sea King, the Commando dispenses with the naval equipment to make room for troops, cargo or casualties. Operated in various versions as troop and VIP transport, electronic warfare platform and anti-ship helicopter by several overseas air arms, as well as the Royal Navy, it has seen service in the Falkland Islands, the Persian Gulf and Bosnia.

Westland Commando

Commando▼ Commando production

Wearing a ‘class B’ registration, this Commando is undergoing pre-delivery test flying. The aircraft has been produced in some numbers for export.


Commando▲ Sponsons gone

Neither the Commando Mk 2 nor the Sea King HC. Mk 4 have the distinctive undercarriage sponsons of the Sea King.

Egyptian assault ►

Having used the early Commando Mk 1, Egypt later purchased the Mk 2. The aircraft are often flown without sand filters.


Qatari ship killers ►

Qatar may have added upgraded Commando Mk 2As to its fleet of Mk 3s. Tho latter aircraft represent a powerful maritime strike effort.

◄ VIPs on the Mk 2B

Egypt’s Mk 2Bs have air-conditioning and a thoroughly soundproofed cabin.


► The Commando Mk 1 is also known as the Sea King Mk 70 and is basically a stripped-out Sea King HAS. Mk 1.

> No customer has ever specified tho Mk 2’s optional underwing hardpoints.

>■ Westland flew the first commando Mk 2 on 16 January 1975.

► An idea to fit the Commando Mk 2 with 26 inflatable cabin seats was abandoned at an early stage.

>■ Commando Mk 2Bs have extra seats for two flight attendants.

>■ Qatar’s Mk 3s have Sea King-like undercarriage sponsons.

Commando Mk 2

Type: tactical notary helicopter

Powerplant: two 1238-kW (1.680-ftp.) Rolls – Royce Gnome H.1400-1T turboshafts

Maximum cruising speed: 204 km/h 026 m. p.h.) nt sea level

Range: 396 Km (245 m) with maximum payload: 1482 Km (920 mi I with standard fuel

Hover ceiling: 1980 m (6 500 It) m ground enact

Weights: empty operating 5620 kg (12.364 m > maximum take-off 9752 kg (21.455 lb)

Accommodation: two crew plus up to 28 troops


main rotor diameter 18.9 m (62 ft.)

fuselage length 17.02 m (55 ft. 10 m.)

height 4.7? m (15 ft. 6 m.)

man rotor tfcsc area 280.47 m'(3.018 sq ft


Вам-d on llic Sea King MK »l, ilit – original Commando MK I was

developed by Woiland in the hope that it might he ordered to replace the Koyal Navy’s Wessex Commando helicopters In the event, no initial British interest was expressed and the Egyptian air hiree placed the first oixki Tile MK I hail minim. il modifications, Ін» the MK 2 has a fixed undeu arrrage. an Лі I va need Sea King tail unit and composite rot<ir blades. HgV|* acquired I’ standard Mk Js. plus two Mk 2H VII’ transport versions and four NIK 21. electronic warfare variants.

A) upcrulors of tho Commando trooientry игл чи» overall m harm, sandy onwrorxnonts. Sand «Попі tor tho ongno mljKua ore ІГлгиІию a uaetii optorv



Wesilnnd kngftionod tho cabn of ltd Commando, although exlom. il dnrwKrons die urtertomd. Іо лг. пж-лі tie. Ihn rn. r IxAhexvi was moved alt by 1.7 motne (5 ft, 7 m l


AJhough it nftsncU the boat-shaped hut c* Ihe Sea K/g the Commando dtspensed w. tn V» ftttroclaofe mam wtxMrls and ihe spensons wth the* associated notation txjmpmoni TTxj smrpto stub wmg-moemtea undercamogt мда wwgre and «кгсэдвз левЬопз-сапупд ab*ty, anc may be fiireo with mmovobto emergency flotation pucks.



SKYHAWK ATTACK: Aftor dobverng a cargo ot tQ6-mm art dory shells to a forward location. ZA298. a Sea King HC. Mk 4 of No 846 Naval An Squadron, was attacked by an Л-4В Sky hawk. The main rotor was hit by 20-mm cannon fire, despite tho pilot’s evasion tactics, but a replacement tilado was flown in and the helioootor was repaired in the brio


Royal Navy Commandos in the Falklands



Following a Sea Hamer attack on the Argentine spy trawler Naiwal. two Sea King HC MK 4s and an HAS Mk 5 took the crew prisoner


whan convomd to tho older Wnssex and itw RMCPvrei •ICMk I.