• Minesweeper • Hostage rescue helicopter • Heavy lift

From the 34th CH-53A Sea Stallion

onwards, all examples of the type were fitted with hardpoints enabling them to deploy towed minesweeping equipment. The US Navy (USN) soon decided that a dedicated minesweeping helicopter was required, and 15 RH-53As were produced by modifying CH – 53As with more powerful engines. These helicopters wore the stopgap before the definitive RH-53D could be introduced.

▼ Rescue bid

Lined up on the deck of USS Nimitz, throe Sea Stallions are prepared for the covert rescue mission Into Iran. Tho holicoptors woro pamtod In a sand scheme.

S-65/RH-53D▲ Personnel transport

Navy crewmen exit from the rear loading ramp of this RH-53D. seen on the flight line at Ascension Island in the South Atlantic. The helicopter has proved very versatile.

Deck operations ►

Crewmen cover an RH-53D to protect the helicopter from the corrosive marine environment.

▼ Agile performer

Despite its high weight and largo site, the helicopter’s manoeuvrability is exceptional.

Joint exercises ►

Operating with tho Spanish navy on joint mineswoeping duties, these two examples are fitted with additional fuel tanks on pylons to increase their sweep area.


► RH-53Ds were deployed to tho Persian Gulf for minesweeping operations in 1987, and In 1991 for Desert Storm.

>■ Minesweeping equipment is towed behind the helicopter on a trapeze.

>■ Towing equipment was installed from the 34th production aircraft onwards.

>• Once brought to the surface, mines are detonated using two door-mounted machine-guns.

>■ Though a dedicated minesweeper, the helicopter also has a transport role.

► Eight RH-53DS were used to fly Into Iran during Operation Eagle Claw in 1980.

Подпись: Sea-sweepingStallion

S-65/RH-53DПодпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись: Endurance: 4 hrПодпись: Initial climb rate: 644 rrv'per mnuto 12.113 f p.m ) at sea levelПодпись: Range: :i3km|256 ml )Подпись:Подпись:S-65/RH-53DПодпись: Above: Uft/ng off from tho dock of USS Guadalcanal, an RH-53D sots out on another mission. The helicopters are normally assigned to amphibious assault ships.Подпись:

Early experience with

mine>wet*ping helm*pler> stall as the НИ-3 Sea King bail ііеіііоомпііечі lli. il am totury-wingixl type engaged In stall work would require ■ numious power reserves so that ■I could overcome the liras °l llie loweil mine sled as It moved through the water

Powered by two 3266-kW I Tfn-GF-US

uirtxishafls. the KH-53D proved to Іч* an excellent aircraft for the ole In addition, the new
machine lias a manlier of features front tlte KII-MA It also had provision for an tn – Ihglu refuelling probe anil carried two 1893-Utre (500-ggl.) external fuel tanks

I’sing Boeing V’crtol Mk 103. American General Mk 101 ami Edo Mk 103 systems to counteract contact, acoustic and magnetic mines, respectively, the HH-5.30 also employs the*

AN. SIM I Magnetic t >r. mge І’і|ч – system against shallow-water mines Such mines are brought

Above: A mineswovpmg operation is perlormed in the Persian Gulf under tho watchful eye of a UH – IN.

to the surface, where the are detonated by fire from the HI 1-3.31 >4 two swivel-mounted 12." nun machine-guns.

I he КІІ-ЗЗІ) was dKistniusly and inappropriately used in the IWi Eagle Claw operation.



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A totting tat« Mtea to the RH-S30. eon»ng the netcooter to use *rcraft-carrier tfts The targe ma? tot rotor gives me RH-53D oxcotent rn sponso to ptot input*





The RH-530 is steadily being removed from tront-lino service. This brightly coloured example belongs to HM-12 serving aboard tho assault ship USS Inchon.


An optional refusing piece can *1 attached to the RH-530. kr •’ ivya rehsenng from а КС їЗО •taraitcs tanker orcreft.


Addition» tad a earned о two large tanks poMoneo on «her sde ot the fuselage. Ther sponsors rtso provide extra l« dumg tight munoeuues.


The nvir looting rump л rotanod on the RH 530. gang the ягегап а secondary Ivxivy transport irfe.



3 DESERT ONE DISASTER: As helicopter No. З і tied oft it struck the fuselage of a waiting Hercules. Fire immediately broke out. krfcng eight solders, and the mission was aborted.


2 RESCUE BID: As dusk fell, isght pmk – camouftaged RH-53D» lifted off the deck of USS Nurmi and crossed the Iranian coast west of Choh Bahar. en route to Desert One to meet the six C-130s


1THE RESCUE PLAN: A plan was devised to rescue American civilians held hostage in the US Embassy in Tehran. The operation was divided Into three stages.

• .vovor. the catastrophe at Desert One meant that the Tension was aborted at the first phase