UH-60 Black Hawk

• Tactical assault helicopter • Gulf War transporter

Подпись:UH-60 Black HawkSikorsky’s UH-60 Black Hawk is one of the most important combat helicopters in service today. Replacing the famous Bell Huey as the US Army’s workhorse, the UH-60 was designed to haul a squad of 11 fully-equipped infantrymen into battle. The same basic airframe has also boon developed for special forces, combat roscue. air-sea rescue and anti­submarine operations.

Подпись:Подпись:UH-60 Black Hawk

UH-60 Black Hawk

Troops OUt^

Tho UH-60’s doors аго designed to allow an infantry squad to get into action in tho minimum possible time.

▼ Weight lifter

Although designed as a troop carrier, the UH-60 can also carry a significant cargo load both internally and slung on hooks externally.

A Air assault

One of the conditions for the bulk of tho equipment supplied to the Air Assault divisions of tho US Army is that it should be Black Hawk – portable.


► The original UH-60A prototype first flew on 17 October 1974.

► Black Hawks entered service with the 101st Airborno Division in 1979.

>- Though the US Marine Corps has not adopted tho UH-60. they fly nine VH-60N presidential transport helicopters.

► Black Hawks moved more than a million soldiers during the Gulf War.

► In a tragic ‘friendly fire’ mishap, F-15 fighters shot down two US Army UH-60s In Iraq on 14 April 1994, killing 26.

>• The Army is developing a UH-60Q medical evacuation modol of tho Black Hawk.



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UH-60 Black Hawk
UH-60 Black Hawk

As a precauton agamsl battle damage. Шо UH-604 епдігс» arc <w vvdefy spared ns рсмЬо


Powerplant: two 1261 – kW (i,690-hp) General Electric T70D-GE-700. -701 or -401 turboshahs


Maximum speed: 296 km/h (184 m p. h.)


Range: 600 km (370 mi.)


Weights: (Army UH-бОі empty 4819 kg (10.600 lb.); loaded 9185 kg (20.200 lb.) (Navy SH-60) empty 6191 kg (13.620 ID.); loaded 9926 kg (21.837 lb.)


The UH-60 was ■ designed with all the years ot experience of battle In Vietnam in mind. The low profilo ot the airframe makes it a difficult target, and safer if it crashes.


Armament: usually two 7.6?-mm door guns


Dimensions: rotor d-ameto» 16.36 m (54 n I length 19.76 m (65 ft I

height 5.13 m (17 ft,)

rotor t!-sc area 210. W m (2.261 sq. ft)


Til* UH в» rotor system kMUm swept ТЮЗ. дмпд cnr.-incoU performance and nfowng heavy loans to be Jltoti m’hoi ana hyjh conditions




UH-60 Black Hawk
UH-60 Black Hawk
UH-60 Black Hawk

Thn Mi-84 QtfM* Vie anil tuot-сагтулд сор»Гу gh* л от аолтло*» ovor me Black К»* wfwrt оречвпд on internal ІмХ ОгГу But IПи UH-60 can bo titled with Hub wtngt. onto wtucll cai M moontnd woaponry or external fuel tank* With tocr Unla lilted, trie e*<ient &fcor*ky іілісорі** hM a lorry range ot more than 2COO Km (12Л0 ml.)


The Qttck Hawk has on «fllKtft swwbw/1 system vtfifch dissipates hoi ongino gone» This makes Jho heftOOpto k»S o’ a lorgei <0 •чай-eeekrg nvomd тйзлл;


The trnhspntgtit u>"0i3 in the поит un «seontel ter •iitu lending и confined




Trie ftack Hawk*

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Skorsxy •> designer» піомолеіу Dun the lait rotor at on tmgks This design feature meets out ІЛ « generated nt the tai, atoning l«avw «ids at the i&vot the cabin man wout) otherwse be pcss**»


Ailnoogh trio Bto< l lawk con сагту. einament it i= essentially n lrocp carter I» совет and hatches ага designed to atow a г.;ц->с ot nlantry to 9trt rao action tot.


n an. isiui. Ji landing, tne UH-ЄО comes m taa Its ineteteartege s desyned to absorb лиев1 mcacts of to to AS iwh (28 m. p.ti.;


UH-60 Black Hawk
UH-60 Black Hawk

15 treopt at ар to 3MOk|(7,WO lb.) ot ЄЯІ90





BUCK HAWK J700»5t*.I«lb.) ot csrpo


A«n«xgh ttw UH-60 в потяшРу on 11 и. ля it can cany up Ю 20 ІГООР4 л *n eirxrgercy the Висл Hawk has «nou^O pcm*f to ktl tin» muno Und ot київ at И» txggsr Put»<*n оічз Єигерооп f/.yite yot rotaino tho atjAty ol * much vnnlef mactvne


UH-60 Black HawkUH-60 Black Hawk