Westland’s king of the waves


riginating m the Anglo – French Ik’llinpler agreement of 1967. the Westland Lynx is one of rite most advanced medium shiplxirnc helicopters in ІІК* vvoi Id The Royal Navy and French Athnnavulc wen* die ftnq users of the type. Init it lus since Iven ordered liy «tight oilier navies.

Alii* nigh with a crew of two or three its maximum weight is only 1600 kg і 10.120 Hi >. the Lynx can perfonn a wide variety of naval tasks Its primaiy function is anti submarine

Tlw nose con tare the odionoed Seaspray radar for surface search British Lynxes use я to gude tlw Sea Skua jntiVxp mcssAs.

The Lynx has been the most successful small shipboard helicopter of the post-war period. It combines small size and high performance with excellent handling at sea, advanced – technology sonar and weapons, and unmatched multi-role capability.

The Lynx crew consists о* a plot and observer (tactical systems operator) litting sido by ado m the cockpl. Some users also ііяглі n crewman m tlw mar cabn, lor sonor- oporabng or roacuo woik

Lynx HAS. Mk 2 (FN)

Type: shipboard anti-submanmc ant.-ship, and rvscuo heftcoptor

Powerplant: two 836-kW (i. 120-hp) Rolls – Royce Gem 41-1 turboshaft engines

Max speed: 322 km/h (200 m p hj

Max cruising speed: 232 km/h (140 m p. h.)

Range: uyp«caO 590 km (365 m*)

Weights: empty 3030 kg (6.670 0> I. max loaded 4763 kg (10.479 lb.)

Armament: iwin Mk 44. Mk 46 or Sting Ray ASW torpedoes or Mk II depth charges plus anti submarine sensor systems, or (our Sea Skua or similar anti-ship missiles: provision tor 1361-kg (2.995-lb ) siung cargo


main rotor diameter 12.8 m (42 ft)

tongth 11.93 m (39 ft.)

height 3.6 m (12 (1.)



737 toll ІНОт р » I


Lynx Sea Skua attack



Skua is powered by a sokt rocket, and can be handled and stored like ammunition


Westland’s king of the waves

■ SEA SKIMMER: To avoid oeieciion on onemy radar, the 1000-knvh (600- m p. h,) Sea Skua is programmed to (ly lust above the surfaco of the water


■ TARGET DESTROYED: A Waxing Iraqi patrol boot proves tlw devastating erect or the Sea Skua’s ?0-kg (44-lb.) armour-piercing warhead


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Westland’s king of the wavesWestland’s king of the waves