Helicopters of Russia will provide equipment for Egyptian Mistrals

Helicopters of Russia will provide equipment for Egyptian Mistrals

The holding «Helicopters of Russia» can deliver to Cairo in case of his interest all necessary helicopter equipment for two helicopter carriers of the Mistral type, reported in the holding press service.

«Egypt is for us the old strategic partner, and in case of interest of the customer «Helicopters of Russia» are ready to provide "Mistrals" with all necessary helicopter equipment», – the press service reported, reports RIA Novosti news agency.

Specially for "Mistrals" the holding developed the fighting prospecting and shock Ka-52K helicopter – ship option of the Ka-52 helicopter.

On Monday the head of administration of the Kremlin Sergey Ivanov reported that Russia will deliver the equipment and helicopters on "Mistrals", the sum will make over 1 billion dollars. He also assumed that after the transaction will be closed, Egypt «will sign the contract with the Russian Federation on an additional equipment of "Mistrals": both the ship, and helicopters, also will make an essential contribution to fight against terrorism».

Let’s remind, on October 10 Paris and Cairo signed the contract on purchase of two helicopter carriers of the Mistral type earlier intending for Russia by Egypt. It was reported that the amount of transaction will make 950 million euros. It is supposed that one of "Mistrals" will draw duty in the Red Sea, and another will take a position in Mediterranean.

Thus it became known that Russia and Egypt concluded the contract for delivery of 50 Alligator Ka-52 helicopters, transfer to the Egyptian party of cars in deck option is not excluded.

The press secretary of the president of Russia Dmitry Peskov noted that the transaction of France and Egypt on "Mistrals" considers interests of Russia.

Head Minpromtorga Denis Manturov declared that because of ruble reduction of the cost Russia received after cancellation of the transaction on "Mistrals" twice more than paid.